Cocaine addiction is from a type of drug that increases the amount of dopamine in the brain causing you to experience euphoric like emotions. However it is also related to some serious abuse and mental health disorders. Abusing cocaine can cause you to experience psychotic episodes, diseases and in some severe instances, death.

Cocaine Addiction

An addiction to cocaine has some very distinctive signs and symptoms, some of which include; increased agitation, effusive enthusiasm, hyperactivity, constant common-cold like symptoms, signs of involuntary movements and dramatic changes in concentration and focus.

People who regular use cocaine will very quickly find that they become tolerant to the euphoric effects of the drug. When a person increases their intake of the drug that is generally a clear sign that they are becoming dependant and in turn they begin to rely on the drug to properly function.

Are you dependent?

To a person that has become completely dependent on cocaine, the drug becomes their priority. All other activities they might have enjoyed in the past take a back seat and all attention and focus are directed solely on the drug itself.

If you are trying to stop taking the drug and you go cold turkey you will almost certainly begin to experience severe withdrawal symptoms, these symptoms may include a lack of energy, severe cravings and chronic anxiety.

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