Christmas and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Living with any type of alcohol problem can be challenging all year round. Yet, for many, the triggers of Christmas and the norms, expectations, and excuses that it carries makes it the hardest period to face up to.

For alcoholics and their loved ones, the festive period can be a stressful and vulnerable time. It’s a time when relapse risks are elevated, routines are less essential, and alcohol exposure is at its highest.

Understandably, spending Christmas in alcohol rehab or experiencing regular addiction treatment sessions doesn’t sound like the most appealing way to enjoy the holiday season. Yet with more people drinking, more places advertising alcohol and more pressures across the period itself, laying low can also be challenging.

Christmas and alcohol rehab treatment is a popular pairing, helping loved ones relax and those suffering get the help they need. There are many benefits to Christmas in rehab, providing the chance to set sober intentions for the New Year.

Here’s how you can still enjoy Christmas whilst accessing drug and alcohol treatment here at Step One Recovery.


What is alcohol rehab treatment?

Alcohol rehab treatment is an available service that helps those who suffer from alcohol abuse, addiction, and alcoholism. It’s a service that combines proven treatment options, tools, and resources to promote alcohol withdrawal and recovery.

At Step One Recovery, our treatment programmes are private, accommodating and led by professionals, offering the best chance to recover.

Detoxification, rehabilitation, mental health support, relapse prevention planning and aftercare can all be accessed through alcohol rehab treatment. Offering a wealth of treatments and therapies, inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab can be experienced to work through addiction recovery.

Alcohol rehab is available all year-round, meaning that it’s an accessible service, prioritising recovery for our clients. As Christmas is one of the most challenging times of the year for those who are actively suffering and for those who are recovering, alcohol rehab treatment is promoted. See what to expect by pairing Christmas and alcohol rehab treatment this December.


Spending Christmas in a rehab centre

Christmas is defined as a happy time of year, and it’s fuelled by get-togethers, gifting, overindulgence, alcohol consumption, and overall cheer. Deviating from the norms of Christmas may be unimaginable. Yet as substance abuse disorders are found to aggravate over the period, making it a not so happy time for many, change is something to imagine.

Spending Christmas in alcohol rehab, partaking in treatment sessions and activities can be difficult to accept initially. However, suppose you or someone you care about is struggling. In that case, there are powerful influences that can trigger alcohol abuse and relapse over the festive period, making rehab the safest place possible. Just consider the alcohol exposure, the Christmas parties, the financial stresses, and the excuses that come with this period.

Primarily through inpatient rehabs, the Christmas season can still be celebrated. Yet, with boundaries in place, dedicated support staff, and positive influences to be surrounded by, alcohol addiction recovery can also continue.

If you’re looking to spend Christmas in alcohol rehab, you can expect to experience the best of both worlds. Traditions can remain, you can enjoy a Christmas dinner, you can partake in religious ceremonies, you can celebrate with peers, and you can engage with family members. Yet with that, you can also keep your routine, attend support groups and work through another day as sober.

Treatments and therapies will continue across the festive period to motivate full progress, rather than any sign of regress. Yet fully accommodating, our treatment centres will also help you enjoy your time at Christmas.


Addiction recovery throughout the festive period

Addiction recovery can be challenging to focus on through the festive period, and it’s a time of reflection, deviation and relaxation.

Working through both Christmas and alcohol rehab treatment will be possible by prioritising your health, well-being, and recovery journey. Here are some tips on keeping on track throughout the festive period.

Keep in a routine: Your everyday routine that helps you stay sober should be prioritised over Christmas. Although Christmas is a special day, it’s also a single day in the advent. You should remain consistent to benefit tomorrow, next week and next year. Stick to healthy habits and lifestyle choices.

Keep positive: Understandably, being away from loved ones can be challenging, especially over the festive period. Addiction recovery is also an emotionally testing process. By keeping positive, your mental health, outlook and attitude will benefit. Mental health support will be available through alcohol rehab.

Keep motivated: For most people, motivation slips across the festive period. This is your time to advance beyond one of the most triggering times of the year. Remaining sober across Christmas is highly motivating, which you can achieve with our help at Step One Recovery.

Keep clean: Alcohol rehab treatment sessions will continue across Christmas. Whether inpatient or outpatient, support will be available to keep clean. Avoid triggers or being sucked into the ‘it’s Christmas’ mindset.

Keep engaged: Although most people will be focusing on Christmas, many others will be in the same position as you. Keep involved with peers and supportive loved ones, attend support groups, and participate in addiction treatment. Full engagement will help ease this period, offering support and guidance along the way.

Keep looking towards the future: Alcohol rehab treatment will soon end. Once you’ve completed treatment, you will need to manage your recovery journey. Yet you’ll have the autonomy and tools to do so. Look beyond Christmas instead of into the future.


New Year New You at Step One Recovery

Experiencing Christmas and alcohol rehab treatment together is possible here at Step One Recovery. You can complete a wealth of beneficial sessions over the period to help you begin the New Year with a new outlook.

Recovering over Christmas may be challenging. Yet, it will also be rewarding, setting you up for future events, celebrations, and norms.

Reach out to complete treatment or to visit rehab over the festive period. We’re here to help you remain on track whilst celebrating the festivities suitably and positively.