Detox can be an extremely challenging time for people trying to overcome alcohol addiction. The physical effects of withdrawal can be unpleasant and fear of this experience can stop an alcoholic from getting the help they need.
The NAD+ DETOX programme takes a new approach to detox which is truly groundbreaking. Instead of using traditional detox medication, it delivers a coenzyme infusion of niacin and a form of vitamin B intravenously by a drip. The infusion goes straight into the bloodstream where it quickly breaks down and metabolises toxins and chemicals. This helps reduce withdrawal symptoms significantly restoring clarity and lucidity in just 5 days.

NAD+ DETOX is also highly effective for the detox of certain drugs. These include amphetamines (speed, uppers), opiates (heroin, morphine and many painkillers) and benzopines (tranquillisers).

Clear benefits in 5 days

One of the benefits that makes the NAD+ DETOX programme so revolutionary is that it enables detox in such a short period of time. So not only are withdrawal symptoms hugely reduced, they are also over in a far quicker time frame than medication-led detox.

For a person living with alcohol addiction (and certain types of drug addiction), this means they can regain perspective and think far more clearly. This kind of clarity is needed if a person is going to move on successfully to recovery as detox is only the first step to getting back on track.

Other benefits of NAD+ DETOX include:

  • Restored brain function due to the infusion’s regenerative qualities
  • The relief of stress and anxiety, and feeling able to cope with stress better in the future
  • Neuroprotective qualities to preserve brain structure and function
  • Anti-ageing and antioxidant properties
  • Promotes increased levels of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that are the brain’s ‘happy’ chemicals

A flexible approach to recovery

As the detox process is shortened with the NAD+ DETOX programme, most people can return to everyday life relatively quickly. Energy levels are higher, mood is improved and concentration skills are boosted. This can accommodate a more flexible approach to recovery where a person can go through detox first, return to work and family life, and then begin recovery a short time later.

NAD+ DETOX with Step One Recovery, Spain

At Step One Recovery, we’re committed to bringing our clients the very latest treatments and developments within rehab and recovery. NAD+ DETOX is a great example of this type of innovative breakthrough which is why we’re now providing the programme at our recovery centre on the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain.

We believe that this new approach to detox is an ideal complement to our recovery programmes. NAD+ DETOX is based entirely on nutrients that are found naturally within a healthy body meaning there are no side effects on general health. Physical wellbeing plays an important role in recovery and is an area we focus on in our recovery centre near Alicante.

The infusions also clear the mind allowing a person living with alcohol or drug addiction to start understanding their addiction and the coping strategies they’ll need to build to overcome it. So as the NAD+ DETOX programme ends, recovery begins. This is a critical time for you to grasp the opportunity to look to the future and make a new start. Our thoughts and judgement become so clouded by addiction that the clarity needed to get better is always out of reach – detoxing in this safe and natural way will help prepare you to take on the challenges ahead.

No quick fixes

There are no real shortcuts to overcoming addiction – but NAD+ DETOX gives us the opportunity to make the beginning of your recovery journey easier. We’ll work out a tailored programme to help you through recovery once detox is complete. Therapy, holistic treatments, relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation plus good nutrition and exercise will play a role. You’ll have a dedicated team of experts to help you start building the skills you’ll need to build a better life without alcohol or drugs.

Many of our clients find the recovery centre’s Spanish setting incredibly conducive to relaxed and healthy recovery. Being away from distractions and worries leaves you free to focus on getting well, and the beautiful Costa Blanca mountains and coastline help create a peaceful ambience.