Addictions are a disease and relapsing does not mean that your stay at rehab did not work, it just means that your disease has come back and you need to change your treatment program to facilitate and overcome these new symptoms. Avoiding relapse can be a difficult task but nonetheless one that can be overcome.

Avoiding relapse may mean you need to spend another few weeks or a couple more months in a treatment program, perhaps one dedicated to the prevention of relapse. At Step One Recovery we have expert’s on-hand 24 hours a day to help you to understand the symptoms of your addiction and prevent the possibility of a relapse upon your departure from our facility.

Help yourself in avoiding relapse.

There are many things you can do to help avoid a relapse, and there are also many lifestyle changes you must undertake if you are willing to stay clean. Some of these changes will include a new friendship group. For many people their friends are the people they would drink with and take, what they would call, “recreational drugs”, however these activities can be the gateway back to where you were before entering rehab. A new friendship group with supportive and caring people is paramount in avoiding relapse.

Along the same vein as mentioned above, your old local bars and nightclubs you would frequently visit should no longer be places you associate with. Avoiding these locations is of paramount importance as they have emotional connections to your past and can cause you to feel upset, depressed and may even be the cause of a relapse, so for your own sake, stay away.

Another great help in avoiding relapse is remembering your time spent at rehab, thinking back on the wise advice given to you by friendly and professional counsellors can help improve your frame of mind and give you an overall more positive outlook on life.

Just by reading this you are on the right track and you should be proud of yourself. Should you require any further information please contact us at Step One Recovery today!