Usually, an alcohol detox takes place in a supervised centre. A team of medical professionals is on hand to resolve any complications. Generally, detox in a rehabilitation or recovery centre is a safe way for an alcoholic to become sober.

After an alcohol detox comes rehabilitation. Understanding the difference between the two things is very important. There is so much more to recovering from alcoholism than simply stopping drinking. Learning to live without alcohol is incredibly difficult – but as sobriety grows longer and stronger, you can support your loved one in beating demons and looking forward to a life without alcohol.

Many recovering alcoholics find new direction in AA’s tried and trusted 12 steps. Lots of recovery programmes (in London, throughout the country and beyond) incorporate the 12 steps to help people gain insight and understand why their drinking is unmanageable. They will also provide on-going support when a person leaves the rehabilitation centre. We’re committed to this kind of long-term help at Step One Recovery as we believe it helps prevent relapses and build happier, more fulfilling lives.

Al-Anon runs support group for friends and families affected by someone else’s drinking both in London and throughout the UK. It’s important to care of yourself and many people find that getting together with others in the same situation makes a real difference. Remember that it is possible for a loved one to get sober and stay sober – and that you are not alone.

Contacting the team at Step One Recovery can be the first step you need to take with your alcohol detox. Don’t struggle on your own anymore, contact us.