Understanding your addiction is of paramount importance, understanding you need aftercare and continued help is almost even more so.

In the majority of cases, most individuals begin their drug addiction treatment through a stretch of expertly supervised detoxification. In some instances an individual may require the assistance of a medical professional, however, this is only for chronic addictions and severe ‘Class A’ abuse. All forms of forms of formal detoxification are done in a way which allows a safe, relaxing, and comfortable clearance of the drug/s and their influence from the individuals in early drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Detoxification is, of course, an important first step on the path to recovery for all individuals, however, this alone is very rarely enough to ensure a long-term abstinence from the addiction in question. Once the detoxification period has been completed, most individuals will continue to follow a structured program, in either an inpatient or outpatient setting.

Eventually, this too will come to an end, and although durations do vary, a recovery program can only set you up for real life again, it is you who must work at it and build it from the ground up. Of course, some form of ongoing recovery is encouraged, whether it be group meetings or the help of a sobriety partner. This is the part of the recovery journey that requires meticulous planning. A good substance abuse program will not discharge their patient until they are sure that an efficient and well thought out long-term recovery plan is put in place.

We use the term “Aftercare”, this is a very generic term to describe any ongoing or follow-up treatment for drug abuse that can occur after the initial rehab program. If you or a loved one are looking for more information about our Aftercare programs please call our ‘Free Call’ number and one of our experts will be more than happy to talk you through it.

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