You may be thinking, “How easy is accepting a panic attack?”

A panic attack is not something anyone wants, it can make you feel isolated and frightened. When you get that overwhelming feeling of fear along with an escalated heart beat your initial reaction is to panic, which in turn makes the panic attack far worse.

However, if you can understand it, you can begin to accept it.

You must accept that at this moment in time you are afraid, do not fight the feeling, and do not blame yourself or anybody else for it. You must try to accept it as you would any other pain or ache, once you can do that you can begin to work with it and learn to live with it.

Accepting a panic attack

Yes a panic attack may fill you with dread and make you feel awful but it is not dangerous. It cannot physically hurt you, and although the panic may send your senses in disarray and cause you to anticipate some form of danger, none is coming. Accepting these symptoms for what they are, a horrible feeling, and not resisting or fighting them is a huge step in the right direction.

Reminding yourself that this is not an external enemy that is trying to deal you physical harm, but an internal one, and one that you can learn to cope with is half the battle.

It will end. As you know, dealing with panic attacks is horrible however, they always end. Some may last longer than other, and some may be more intense than others but they always have an ending. It is not your job to make it end, however it is your job to come to terms with what it is that is happening so as to accept it and help you get through it as comfortable as possible.

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