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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Qatar

While alcohol use is heavily licenced and illegal drug use carries harsh punishments in most of the Middle East, there are still people who need drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar. The country heavily regulates the use of alcohol, meaning expats need a licence to buy it, but there’s a booming black market that’s said to account for 40% of the alcohol consumed in the country. And while a number of drugs are illegal in Qatar, even substances that are common in other countries like codeine, even the extreme social stigma of an addiction problem doesn’t completely deter people from drug use.

Step 1 Recovery offer a world-class treatment and rehabilitation centre in Moraira, Spain. At Villa Camino de la Paz, you can enjoy luxury surroundings while you undergo a treatment programme, and return home feeling refreshed and revitalised.


Seeking treatment overseas

There are many reasons why those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar might end up going for treatment overseas. Qatar and its neighbouring countries have harsh penalties for those caught with drugs, even going as far as giving out death sentences to drug traffickers, so there’s a heavy stigma attached to drug use. Qatar’s population is small, and in some tight-knit communities, it can be difficult to keep things secret, so people may worry they won’t get true confidentiality if they go for treatment in the country.

In Qatar, it can be difficult to find doctors who know much about drugs, addiction treatment or alcoholism. Although there are a few options for rehabilitation in the country, they can be difficult to access, as it’s hard to know where to turn. In addition to this, the country’s Supreme Council of Health have banned many prescription drugs, some of which are used while detoxing from alcohol or drugs, so it can be difficult to get the best level of treatment.


Rehab treatment in Spain

Step 1 Recovery offers a luxurious rehab experience for those who want to stay in comfort while they recover. Those with a drug or alcohol addiction often suffer from poor health and have perhaps neglected their body over time. We offer nutritious meals, fitness sessions and yoga, all of which can help you feel healthier. You can stay in a comfortable, private room that resembles a hotel, ensuring you get plenty of sleep, and will get plenty of leisure time to relax and take a dip in the pool.

Spain is also a convenient place to recover as it’s easy to access by plane. You can fly from the capital city to Barcelona, then take a connecting flight to Alicante, and we’ll arrange to pick you up from the airport. Many expats have family members all over the globe, so it’s fairly easy for them to come and visit you during your recovery.


The rehab process

While you stay with us, you’ll undergo an intensive programme of therapy. One of the steps towards overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is to find the root cause of your problem, so we explore this through CBT and other methods. This can also help you identify your triggers for using or relapse, helping you stay away from these substances in future.

You’ll also spend time with fellow patients in group therapy. Like you, these people will have suffered from alcohol or drug abuse and be going through a treatment program. Facilitated by our trained counsellors, these sessions aim to help you open up and cover lots of different topics. We also try to educate you on the harms of drugs and alcohol, and how to spot the signs of relapse, so you have the tools you need to succeed on the outside.

While you may simply be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar at this point, perhaps not thinking too much about the future, Step 1 Recovery are always focusing on long-term recovery. We offer excellent aftercare and can help you find local support groups to keep you on track. If you find you are struggling post-rehab, we can discuss an extended treatment option such as a local councillor for extra sessions, so you are never alone in your journey.


Why seeking treatment now is important

If you are searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar, then you probably already know you need treatment, but denial can be strong and difficult to overcome. If you don’t seek treatment quickly, you may find your addiction deepens and becomes more complex to treat, making the process much more difficult. Continuing to use drugs and alcohol could have all sorts of consequences, from affecting your mental and physical health to ruining your career prospects and relationships. In a country like Qatar, being caught with black market or illegal drugs can have serious consequences too, so it’s important to get help with healing.


Call us today

We know that overcoming an addiction is difficult and that you won’t have much time to think about anything else. That’s why Step 1 Recovery makes it easy to get help and take care of all arrangements. We can help sort out your travel and admission into rehab, and once you’re here we include everything from meals and activities to laundry, giving you plenty of time to focus on recovery.

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Qatar and are considering overseas treatment, simply call the team at Step 1 Recovery on either +44 (0) 7914 760631 or +34 672 637 647 and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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