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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Benidorm

If you are based in Benidorm, looking for a home from home while you recover, consider our centres in the UK and Europe. Complete a time of transformation at a magical location, providing you with a clear mindset to focus on your addiction goals.

The rise of drug and alcohol addiction

Although sad to acknowledge, drug and alcohol addictions are on the rise. Previously, it was very unlikely to know someone living with an addiction. However, with greater accessibility and more and more people struggling with day to day life, substance abuse has developed.

Are you or someone you know suffering with daily withdrawal symptoms? Are you finding it difficult in your current environment to say no to drug and alcohol consumption? Or maybe you’re worried that an addiction may be on the horizon? Acting upon your addiction now by seeking medical, expert support is recommended.

The longer you live with a drug and alcohol addiction, the greater damage you are causing physically and mentally. Not to mention the negative effects that consumption has on quality of life, such as homelessness, family breakdowns, debt and crime.

If you are based in Benidorm, consider our Spain based rehabilitation centre today, to complete a period of transformation through our leading addiction treatments. Find out how our rehab centre can benefit you or a loved one by getting in touch today.

Our rehab centre

While completing a time of transformation, here at Step 1 Recovery, we understand that to most, staying near their home comforts is favoured. However, for greater success when considering recovery rates, residential treatment is recommended. This approach is favoured as you’ll be removed from your current cravings or influences, providing you with the focus to control your recovery. Located in countries such as Spain itself, the addiction rehabilitation centres we can provide are often ideal for those living in Benidorm. Providing you with a convenient option, with enough distance to diminish any distractions.

Here you can expect to receive a variety of our industry leading addiction treatments, expert support, and a number of services to boost the convenience of your rehab experience. If applicable, we can also offer free flights and can collect you from the airport upon arrival. If you require this service, please let our admissions team know.

Throughout your time with us, we will provide a safe, comfortable, home from home setting to ensure you feel comfortable to progress through treatment. We will follow complete discretion, taking your personal circumstances into consideration. We believe that merging professionalism with luxury will provide a beautiful setting for you to rejuvenate and refresh your perspective.

Complete a time of transformation with our nurturing and compassionate team. Leave with life-saving tools to help you thrive through a drug and alcohol-free future. Gain the healing benefits of remaining within the Mediterranean area whilst visiting our family feel, cocoon sanctuary. Experience a private secure, highly ethical and most trusted service in Euopee today.

Drug and alcohol treatments available to Benidorm locals

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we understand that a drug and alcohol addiction effects individuals differently. Therefore, when selecting appropriate addiction treatments, we will take your personal needs into consideration. For some individuals, a psychological impact may be present, influencing greater cognitive, therapeutical sessions. However, for others, the impact of withdrawal symptoms has a great effect, influencing the selection of a complete detoxification.

Once we have understood your addiction history greater, a number of treatments will be recommended to overcome you drug and alcohol dependency. Within your personalised treatment plan you will complete both psychological and physical methods, offering a holistic and sustainable approach. Within your treatment plan you can expect to see methods such as family therapy, detox plans, mindfulness sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy and coping mechanism classes. All are in place to help you heal, whilst preparing you for a future without drugs and alcohol.

If you are currently living with a mental health disorder alongside your addiction, we can also help you through our treatments. We understand that there is a high correlation between mental health disorders and drug addictions. Therefore, our aim is to diminish both to promote long-term recovery.

Post rehab, we will also offer outpatient treatments to ensure that your recovery is continuing. Once you’ve returned to your home routine in Benidorm, old habits may resurface. You may be connected with individuals associated with your addiction. We will ensure your motivation to continue a sober life is present, while reminding you of the healthy, new coping mechanisms set in place.

Our evidence-based, specialised addiction treatment solutions are designed, tested and found to help those with a drug and alcohol dependency lead a positive future. Invest in yourself and learn the tools to heal your body, mind and soul with our credible team.

Our support here at Step 1 Recovery

Alongside our addiction treatments and the power of our magical Mediterranean setting, we believe that the support we provide sets our service apart from other local rehab centres. From your initial enquiry, you will be assigned an expert therapist, offering 24/7 support. Our specialised, hand-picked team of professionals are deeply experienced in offering compassionate support and guidance throughout your rehab journey.

Through the lows and difficulties of detoxifications, to the highs of celebrating your calendar of sobriety, a hand-held approach will be offered. We will listen carefully, guide you through the processes, advise future steps, while teaching you coping mechanisms and autonomy for a controlled future. If you require support post rehab, our team are here for you. We believe that the post rehab period from a drug and alcohol addiction is significant for long-term recovery. Therefore, if you do experience any signs of a relapse, contact our rehab today.

To ensure that comfort is provided to all of our clients, we have English speaking and multi-lingual team members, providing an offering for all cultures. We will also take religious beliefs into consideration when looking at your addiction treatment plan and schedule, supporting an international clientele.

If you are based in Benidorm, looking for a home from home while you recover, consider our centres in Spain. Complete a time of transformation at a magical location, providing you with a clear mindset to focus on your addiction goals. Leave with a new lease of life, ready to thrive with your sober lifestyle. Get in touch today to start the process of your drug and alcohol rehab journey.

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