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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bahrain

Unlike it’s neighbouring countries, Bahrain is relatively relaxed when it comes to alcohol, and it’s legal for non-Muslims to drink in bars and hotels. However, it’s still illegal to drink in public places, and there are strict penalties for being intoxicated or drink driving. There are also strict penalties for those caught with small amounts of drugs, and even some prescription medications are restricted. You may think that addictions to drugs and alcohol are rare because of these guidelines, however, there has been a rise in the number of people who struggle with substance abuse, according to sources such as the Gulf Daily News. Around 2% of the population suffer from alcoholism, while there’s estimated to be around 20,000 to 30,000 people with drug addictions in the country, leading to an increase in demand for drug and alcohol rehab in Bahrain.

Because of the limited options for treatment in Bahrain, both locals and expats are heading overseas for treatment. Step 1 Recovery have a rehabilitation centre in Moraria, Spain which is just a short distance from Alicante airport. Easy to reach from many major Middle Eastern airports, and far enough to ensure a discreet stay.


Finding drug and alcohol rehab in Bahrain

Although there are many good things about Bahrain, when it comes to rehab clinics there isn’t a great deal of choice. There’s one major rehab clinic in Manama that’s part of a hospital, but it can sometimes be difficult to access care, especially for women and expats. There are charities such as the Addicts’ Friends Society who are a bit like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, but this is mostly outpatient care which doesn’t work for everyone.

Because drug and alcohol addictions aren’t spoken about much in Bahrain, it can be difficult to get support from the experts. When you’re overcoming an addiction, it is preferable to get help from experienced people who’ve gone through the same thing as you, and because of the cultural differences, it can be difficult to find this kind of support in the Middle East.

Therefore, most people looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bahrain will go abroad out of necessity. Spain is an excellent choice as it is building a reputation for its clinics, and at Step 1 Recovery you can be sure of world-class care. We often work with people from the Middle East, both expats and local, who haven’t been able to find the care they need locally, providing a peaceful, luxurious setting in which to receive treatment.


Treatment at Step 1 Recovery

No two addictions are the same, so we approach each case with a unique perspective, ensuring we build treatment programmes that give you the best chance of success. You’ll undergo individual and group therapy, led by experienced, knowledgeable counsellors, and we’ll help you find the cause and triggers for your addiction. However, we don’t just focus on traditional therapy, we also offer holistic treatments such as art therapy, mindfulness and massage, all of which are designed to help you stay away from drugs and alcohol and have a more positive future. You may even find you pick up a new hobby or way to relax when you stay with us, one that doesn’t involve harmful substances.

We’ve done all we can to make Step 1 Recovery a pleasant place to recover. In our Mediterranean villa you can enjoy your own private room, explore the pretty grounds, or even take a dip in the pool. Everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive at Alicante airport, from transfers to meals and laundry. This will enable patients to focus on themselves and their therapy, enjoying some relaxing time away from day to day life, enjoying the healing environment.


Getting help today

Drug and alcohol addictions can have all sorts of negative consequences on a person’s life, which is why it’s important to treat addictions as soon as possible. When you live somewhere like Bahrain where the penalties for intoxication or drug possession are so high, it’s especially important to get help without delay. Step 1 Recovery can often find you a place within a matter of hours, helping with the entire process, so all you need to do is pack and get on the plane. We’ll build a treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs, and support you every step of the way, so you can return home feeling revitalised and refreshed.

We are often contacted by loved ones who are worried about someone with an addiction, and they often want to know what they can do to get them into treatment. While we can’t force someone to go to rehab, we can help you stage an intervention for your loved one, which is often effective in getting them to go for help willingly.

Once you finish your programme, we understand that getting back to real life can be hard. We work closely with patients and their families to put together an aftercare plan, which might include extended therapy if needed. If you complete a 28-day programme with us, you’re entitled to a year of free aftercare which includes some great support groups. You’ll also go through workshops on relapse prevention, so if you feel yourself giving into cravings, you will know how to cope with these feelings.

If you have been looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bahrain and would like to speak to Step 1 Recovery about their rehab programmes, call us in the UK on +44 (0) 7914 760631 or in Spain on +34 672 637 647.

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