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Drug Rehab London

The facts about drug addiction

Whether that be a legal or illegal substance, drug addiction has continued to grow in the UK. From prescribed medications, to the likes of cannabis and cocaine, a significant trend of drug use has developed, effecting many people. There’s no one fits all stereotype when considering those who suffer with a drug addiction. It can affect anyone, from any background, in many different ways.

From physical symptoms, to mental health disorders, suffering alone with a drug addiction can be difficult. Along with causing health issues, drug use is found to effect quality of life, along with the capacity to maintain relationships and a career.

The most effective way to overcome a long-term behavioural addiction, such as a drug or alcohol dependency is to receive support through rehabilitation programmes. Attempting to cut out your dependency alone is very dangerous and can lead to greater addictions. Withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to overcome, which is why both detox and rehabilitation treatments with expert therapists are recommended.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we offer support through both our UK and Spain based drug rehab centres. Our aim is to support those based in London suffering, through dedicated rehab treatments, helping to move towards a drug free future.

Support through our drug rehab centres

Do you feel dependant on drugs? Are you concerned that your loved one may have a drug addiction, negatively effecting both their own and your life? Whether a drug addiction is short or long-term, here at Step 1 Recovery, we can offer both outpatient and residential treatments. Whether you are located in London searching for UK based regular support, or would prefer to detach yourself from external influences, we have a rehab centre for you.

Through our specialised drug addiction treatments, we are experienced to support those with dependencies, looking to make positive changes to their life. Whether you require a listening ear, or a full detoxification, our initial assessment process will guide our recommendations. This will ensure that all areas are taking into consideration to diminish both physical and mental connections to drugs.

Alongside our outpatient and residential drug treatments, 24/7 support for both clients and third parties is provided to ensure that recovery is long-term. Specialised coping mechanisms will be taught at our drug rehab centres to ensure that any future cravings can be dealt with effectively.

Whether you are based in London, looking for treatment at our Watford rehab centre, or would prefer to visit our Spain based estate for a drug detoxification, we can offer a wide range of treatment methods. We will begin with understanding the connection you currently have with drugs. This will include grasping how they make you feel, the consistency of your drug abuse and how it effects your life. This will help our expert team devise a personalised treatment plan for you.

From there, a number of our addiction treatments will be offered. These will usually include cognitive behavioural therapy, detoxifications, therapy sessions and yoga classes to promote mindfulness. We believe in a holistic approach, ensuring that you are working on each area, healing to long-term recovery.

By completing our drug rehab, you will leave either our London or Spain based centres feeling refreshed, ready to move on from your drug addiction. Start living today by diminishing any negative ties to drug abuse.

What you can expect to experience at our drug rehab

No matter whether you have an addiction or a disorder, every person who walks through our centre will receive a positive experience. Our aim is to support those looking to release any dependencies or negative thoughts. It is our priority to ensure that those who attend achieve this through our life-changing treatments. We support those who have a drug, alcohol, gambling, and sex addictions, along with those who live with stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

Step 1 Recovery isn’t just a clinic. We are a safe haven, a home for clients to visit and feel comfortable while they work through their addictions. We understand how difficult working on yourself and overcoming an addiction can be, especially if you’ve been living with it for a while. Therefore, we take this into consideration every step of the way through your rehab journey.

We want our clients to feel like they can visit our rehabilitation centres and feel comfortable to open up and share their feelings. We are a compassionate team, passionate about guiding those on a journey to overcoming drug addiction.

Our credible staff

Overcoming an addiction alone can be difficult. Understanding the steps to take to diminish both psychological and physical connections will be overwhelming for those without medical experience. That is why we have the best team of credible staff members here at Step 1 Recovery. We want our clients to receive the best treatment possible through our rehab centres. Therefore, we have a team of carefully selected, addiction experienced professionals, leading the way. From expert nurses and psychologists, to certified therapists and yoga instructors, all play a significant part in your rehab journey. We are a team that you can put your faith in when considering your recovery.

Avoid struggling alone when dealing with your addiction and seek professional help today. Rehab and recover at our beautiful Spain based estate or receive regular support through our London located rehabilitation centre.

Whether you have a drug addiction, or a disorder which is life limiting, either of our rehab centres will support you until you feel ready to lead a new positive life. We understand that the experience is different for each one of our clients. Therefore, we will provide 24/7 support to ensure that you are ready post rehab.

If you are based in London, hoping to find out more about our Watford rehab clinic, or believe leaving the UK to work on your addiction would be best, contact our team today. We can run through all of the details, along with completing the initial assessment if we sound like the rehabilitation team for you. Call us today on 07914 760 631 or arrange a call back by completing our contact form