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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Zaragoza

It’s becoming increasingly common for British people to seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in Spain, which is why so many people are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Zaragoza. A stay at Step 1 Recovery’s in Moraira is about more than simply removing harmful substances from your body, it’s a way to heal your soul, giving you the space you need from toxic relationships and everyday stress, so you can start really living your life again.

By spending time away from home, you have a much better chance of recovery. You can stay in a luxurious, calm environment and return home free of your drug addictions or alcoholism. Our Mediterranean villa is the ideal place to heal, and your recovery process will include both traditional and holistic treatments that can help you get on the right track.


Why attend rehab in Spain?

While you may be searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Zaragoza and other parts of Spain, you may be wondering what the advantages are of undergoing rehab in Spain. Spain is very easily accessible from the UK, just a couple of hours on the plane, yet it gives you both physical and emotional space to get away from your issues.

While Spanish rehab has some differences to the UK, the quality of care that you receive will still be outstanding. All of the staff at Step 1 Recovery speak English and are sensitive to the cultural differences between the countries, so you’ll never feel like you’re in a strange country. All centres that offer drug and alcohol rehab in Spain are regularly inspected by the government, so you can be sure of very high standards.

Many people find Spanish rehab more affordable than the UK. Rehab in Spain is often much less expensive than private rehab in the UK, without sacrificing quality. And staying in Spain can be lovely, the sunshine gives you a much-needed dose of vitamin D, so you can heal both your mind and body when you stay with us.

Many clients of Step 1 Recovery are in high-profile careers and need to be sure of the highest levels of discretion when they go into rehab. Rest assured, all our patient details are kept confidential, so nobody will know you’re in rehab unless you tell them. Since you’re in Spain anyway, you can always tell them you’re on holiday. You’ll no doubt look rested and relaxed when you return.


Is rehab in Spain right for me?

The addiction recovery process only really works if you are motivated to change. While we can offer you world-class treatment and expert help, you’ll only get through drug and alcohol rehab in Zaragoza if you truly want to succeed. There’s not much point coming to rehab, or sending a loved one, if you plan to go back to alcohol or drugs. However, we can help with an intervention for a friend or family member if you want to encourage them to join a programme.

It’s also worth thinking about the practicalities of rehab abroad. While we take care of everything during your stay, from meals to laundry, you may have work or family obligations to think about. We can keep you connected to work if needed, offering a certain amount of access to e-mails and the internet, and we are just over an hour from Alicante airport which is very well connected to the UK.


Choosing the right rehab clinic

When you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Zaragoza, choosing the right clinic is key to your recovery. Residential treatment is one of the best ways to treat an addiction, allowing for intensive therapy as a group and individual, as well as many holistic treatments that can help you stay away from harmful substances for life.

Step 1 Recovery offer drug and alcohol rehab in a luxurious villa in Moraira on Spain’s Costa Blanca. Staying with us mean you have support 24 hours a day, so never have to feel alone during your journey. Our team includes psychologists, doctors and qualified counsellors who can help you throughout the therapy process, helping you attack the root causes of your addiction and teaching you tools that’ll help you post-rehab.

It’s important that the staff at your clinic understand what you are going through when you come into rehab. Many members of our team have battled their own addictions, so when it comes to treating alcohol or drug problems, they have deep, personal knowledge of what the process will be like. They’re completely non-judgemental, so you can be open and honest with them.


Luxurious surroundings

At Step 1 Recovery, we feel that treatment should be a reward, not a punishment. It’s a great opportunity for you to spend some time away from home and relax and unwind, which can be great for your physical and mental health. We’ve created a homely, luxurious environment that feels more like a holiday home than a clinic, with concierge-style services, chef catered meals and comfortable, private rooms where you can relax between therapy sessions. We even have a pool and lovely garden areas, so you can take a dip and soak up the Spanish sunshine during your stay, meaning you’ll likely go home looking and feeling better.

To find out more about addiction treatment with Step 1 Recovery, simply call the team on +44 (0) 7914 760631 in the UK or in Spain on +34 672 637 647.

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