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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Spain

If you or a loved one have thought about drug and alcohol rehab, Spain offers many positive advantages that you should consider when taking that important first step towards recovery. For anyone that has encountered drug or alcohol addiction, the physical and psychological effects of drugs or alcohol can be debilitating, long-lasting and sometimes life-threatening.

For alcohol rehab, Spain offers real benefits such as high-quality treatment and care, excellent weather, discretion as well as practicality, helping you back to a life without alcohol. Informed choices concerning various options of treatment are necessary to benefit from a sustainable recovery plan, providing a long term solution to addiction problems.

Offering compassionate care, in a safe and healthy environment, our residential rehab centre at Step One Recovery provides the highest levels of drug rehab Spain has to offer

Our team are on hand to help you find the most suitable rehab plan and guide you towards your journey of recovery. Get in touch with the Step One Recovery team here.


Why recover in Spain?

These days, getting to Spain is much easier than travelling hours across the UK by road. From a selection of airports, it takes only a couple of hours to get there and free flights are included with your rehab plan.

The fantastic sunny climate in Spain is perfect to accompany drug and alcohol rehabilitation, where mind, body and spirit are warmed by the clement weather. Increased exposure to sunlight has also been shown to improve mood and optimism through your body’s boosted Vitamin D production.

Spain offers a calm and peaceful environment for residential rehab, favouring a positive outcome to drug or alcohol dependence treatment, being a long way from distractions and influences that could result in a potential relapse.

Discretion is also sometimes a concern when thinking about going into rehab. Drug and alcohol rehab in Spain makes it easy for family and friends to think that you are on an extended holiday, should you not wish to inform them of your treatment.

The Step One Recovery rehab centre is of course regulated by the Spanish Government and Spanish health agencies, ensuring outstanding quality of care. The wide number of rehab options open to you in Spain, with different treatments and cultural practices towards addictions often making a real difference to recovery.

All treatments at drug and alcohol rehab in Spain are offered in English, and so there is no language barrier to worry about, and as an additional advantage, prices are better than most rehabilitation centres in the UK.


Step One Recovery

Based on the Costa Brava in the relaxing haven of Moraira, Step One Recovery is one of Europe’s best rehab clinics. We will welcome you to the centre, an exclusive palace offering the highest quality and luxurious comfort. Situated in a private Mediterranean estate near Alicante, a little over an hour from Valencia, this stunning retreat is a unique residential addiction recovery centre designed for recuperation and relaxation.

We have put in place a range of calm and peaceful activities such as meditation, yoga, health and beauty services as well as our gym and pools to help you focus on your addiction treatment.

  • Pre-admission assessment, full medical examination & 24/7 medical support
  • Bespoke Treatment package
  • Comprehensive aftercare in UK and Spain
  • 2 Types of Beautiful accommodation
  • All Rooms En-Suite
  • Luxury Pool
  • On-Site Chef
  • Gym
  • Collection from Alicante or Valencia airports.

Our Palace of Peace is the perfect environment to free your mind and body from addiction and mental health conditions. You can be assured of unparalleled discretion, the most luxurious and comfortable accommodation and a unique private rehab recovery centre experience.


Take the first step

Our addiction treatment centre provides one to one client treatment by leading doctors, counsellors and therapists who are centred on the success of your drug or alcohol rehab programme.

Our well-qualified, passionate and deeply committed staff have a depth of skills and years of experience in curing drug and alcohol addictions. Supportive and sympathetic dedication makes a significant difference during your alcohol rehab in Spain, and our team are specially selected for their positive and understanding approach to addiction therapy.

Find out today how our team of specialists can help you begin the process of positive rehab in Spain following drug or alcohol addiction.

Find out today how our team of specialists can help you begin the process of positive rehab in Spain following drug or alcohol addiction.


Alcohol rehab

Our combination of therapies and abstinence on our residential alcohol rehab programmes will help you live an alcohol-free life. Through realistic and achievable goal setting, your lifestyle will be healthier, happier and positive. We will help you:

  • Adopt the 12 step alcohol rehab philosophy.
  • Resolve issues that cause alcohol abuse.
  • Manage your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Be optimistic and forward-looking with a life free from alcohol

At Step One we also provide additional support for mental health issues such as depression as required as part of our programmes designed to help those who suffer from alcoholism.


Drug rehab

To ensure that you receive the best treatment, we will always be sympathetic and understanding during your drug rehab in Spain, whether it be for a few days or a few weeks. Holistic, bespoke programmes focus on healing your body, mind and soul helping you to free yourself from drugs and adopt a healthy, happy lifestyle. Our priority is that you feel safe and healthy and we will accompany and support you through detox therapy and psychotherapy in the most comfortable and enriching way possible.

Based on your initial consultation, we will advise you on how long you should consider staying with us. Each individual is different but your stay should be long enough to address the causes of your addiction to prevent relapse, as well as treating the physical effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Our compassionate approach to every kind of drug addiction combined with our residential treatment programmes including mindfulness and holistic approach therapies, can help you or a loved one through recovery and having a drug-free. everyday life. Contact our team today and take that first step towards a new life.

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