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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in London

An addiction to drugs or alcohol can take over a person’s life and cause untold misery for them and the people they love. That’s why, if you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in London, you want swift action and admission as soon as possible.


Why should I choose to have drug and alcohol rehab in London?

If you live in the city and are close to friends and family, then you may think the natural choice is to undertake alcohol rehab in London. However, there are reasons why it can sometimes be better to travel to rehab centres further away from home. Being away from the stress and negative influences in your life can help with your recovery. In a city like London, there’s a buzzing social scene, making it difficult to get away from alcohol and drugs. We have choices of centres throughout the UK.

We understand that a lot of individuals living in cities have stressful, high-powered jobs this is especially the case with London so it’s natural that you may worry about spending time away from the city in one of our rehab programmes, this is why we aim to help you stay connected to your work while you stay with us, although we must stress that your treatment will always take priority.


What kind of treatment is available?

Those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in London will undoubtedly wonder what sort of treatment options are available, Step One Recovery offers a wide range of therapies for drug and alcohol addictions. We have a great team of experienced, qualified doctors, nurses, counsellors and more, all of whom have been involved in the treatment of addiction to harmful substances.

During the admissions process of rehabilitation, you’ll be asked lots of questions about the length and severity of your addiction and whether you’ve attempted rehab before. By doing this, our team can decide what kind of treatment might be best for you. A standard treatment plan with Step 1 Recovery will include complete detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, group sessions, one to one counselling, plus regular mindfulness exercises such as yoga and reiki, which can play a vital part in recovery.

The first step in the process will often be a drug or alcohol detox. Many people with addictions find they’re stuck in a cycle of using drugs, so getting your body free from them is often the best start to successful treatment. Because coming off these substances can often cause withdrawal symptoms, our team will be on hand to offer help and support during this time and medication to help with the symptoms if necessary.


Why should I choose private rehab?

Private rehab is often the best choice for individuals who are looking for a treatment centre. NHS waiting lists are long in many areas, including London, so once you’ve got the motivation to get into recovery from addiction, the last thing you want is a delay while you wait for space. Step One Recovery can offer treatment throughout the UK, often at short notice, and by choosing residential rehab, you can be sure of comfortable, homely surroundings rather than a clinical setting.


Why is quick intervention necessary?

Waiting for a rehab place can have several adverse effects. During this time, the person with the addiction could find they suffer from a health problem caused by substance abuse or see their mental health worsening. Delaying treatment also means they can end up losing money, damaging relationships or causing problems in their personal life, and they may start using larger quantities of alcohol or drugs during this time. Therefore, as soon as they show a willingness to get into rehab, the sooner a place needs to be found. That’s when Step One Recovery can help.


Why should I choose inpatient rather than outpatient rehab?

When you search for drug and alcohol rehab in London, you’ll notice there are both inpatient and outpatient options available, and you may be wondering about the difference between the two. Outpatient rehab treatment means that you attend a clinic during the day but return to your own home at night, and the programme is generally spread over several weeks. While some people like this approach, others find that it doesn’t work for them. The problem is, there’s always the temptation to buy alcohol or drugs in the evening and being close to family or friends can mean you fall back into negative patterns.

Inpatient clinics offer the chance to get away from your day to day environment, giving you a better chance of success, especially in the early days of your drug treatment. It means that you can undertake intensive treatment, staying for just a week-long, allowing you to get on with your life. Step One Recovery has one of the finest rehab clinics offering luxury accommodation, so you can feel like you’ve had a break from day-to-day life and return feeling refreshed.


Will I get aftercare?

Step One Recovery offers a wide range of aftercare options to keep you healthy and happy once you’ve left our rehab centre. Our treatment services don’t stop once you walk out the door. We offer excellent aftercare that’s tailored to your needs.

With regular meetings via phone call or face-to-face, we can effectively keep up to date on your recovery progress after leaving the centre. In these meetings, any issues you may have been experiencing can be discussed with our team to provide insights and expertise on the best way to deal with any problems that may cause a potential relapse.

At Step One Recovery, we heavily invest ourselves in the health and well being of our clients; this is why during aftercare, you will have access to our team at all times, so whenever you feel like giving up, you can call our team who are available 24/7, and they can help get you back on track.

The first 12 months in recovery are often the hardest, and this is why having the support there at all times during this period is essential for individuals working towards a long term recovery from addiction.

For more information on our aftercare programme, please speak to our admissions team.


Do you offer London rehab clinics?

Whilst we recommend that you receive treatment at a residential rehab clinic away from the city, we do have centres located in the local London area, including Cassiobury Court in Watford, which is just a short train journey away from central London.

Cassiobury Court is among London’s leading residential treatment centres, offering rehab and detox programmes to London residents. They have addiction recovery workers on hand 24 hours a day to monitor individuals recovery progress and effectively manage any withdrawal symptoms that may occur during detoxification.

Whether you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and need urgent recovery programmes in the local London area, our admissions team will be able to help.

Offering industry-leading treatment programmes, Cassiobury Court remains one of the stand out residential drug and alcohol rehab clinics in the London borough.


How can I get help?

If you feel like drugs or alcohol are taking over your life, or you’re worried about a loved one, call us today. Step One Recovery has an experienced team on hand to answer all your questions, and we’ve helped people with all sorts of addictions in our treatment centre. Call 07914 760631 any time you need our services, or get in touch via our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does rehab in London last for?

The drug and alcohol rehab treatment we offer in London usually lasts for 28 days, although shorter durations are available. Click here to find out more.

Can I arrange treatment on behalf of a loved one?

Yes, undertaking one of our programmes in London can be arranged via a family member. We can also provide an intervention to help convince a loved one who is in denial about their problem that they should look to seek the help they need.

Are there free rehab options available in London?

If you are unable to fund a private rehabilitation programme then there are alternative options in London that you may want to consider. One of these options is attending local support groups through either alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous.

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