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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Alicante

Whether you have an addiction to illegal or prescription drugs, want to stop drinking, or a combination of both, Step One Recovery are here to help. Choosing drug and alcohol rehab in Alicante is a great first step to freeing yourself from these addictions, giving you a place to go through detox and undertake the rehab process in beautiful surroundings. Not only do we help you break free of your addictions, we teach you the skills you need to avoid negative behaviour patterns in future. After a stay with us, you can return to your life feeling refreshed and revitalised.


Why look for drug and alcohol rehab in Alicante?

There are many options for addiction treatment in the UK, so why are so many Brits choosing to go to Spain for rehab? One of the main reasons is that it gets you away from bad influences at home. Whether you need to spend time away from friends who use drugs, or need a break from your home or work environment, drug rehab can be much more effective if you’re away from temptations.

A stay in a Spanish rehab centre is often less expensive than the UK equivalent, but offers the same excellent standards of care. The Spanish government regularly inspects every addiction rehab center in the country, and there the same strict regulations that you’d expect from a UK clinic.

While Spain is enough of a distance to give you some headspace, it’s close enough for friends and family to visit if they like. Step One Recovery is based in Moraira, which is close to Alicante airport, a handy arrival point for budget and major airlines. Flights arrive from across the UK to Alicante Airport ALC, and there are usually cheap fares available.


What’s it like in rehab?

Choosing to go for drug and alcohol rehab in Alicante can make your stay in rehab feel like a pleasant escape. We won’t lie, rehab is tough, but our rehabilitation center is ideal for those who feel they need an escape from everyday life as well as drug or alcohol rehab.

After collecting you from the airport, our team will carry out a full assessment of your physical and mental health. This will include questions about your drug and alcohol use, as well as measures you’ve tried before to quit. Our staff are non-judgemental and extremely discrete, so there’s no need to hold back. We will then come up with a treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

While you’re going through detox and rehab with Step One Recovery, you can enjoy the luxurious surroundings and top-notch facilities. While you’ll have lots of individual and group therapy, rehab in Alicante can also involve holistic treatments from massages to yoga and fitness sessions. You’ll also have time to enjoy the Spanish sunshine and even use our pool. The aim is to heal both your mind and body while you’re here.

There’s a common misconception that a stay in rehab is like being in a hospital or that you’ll have no privacy. When you choose drug and alcohol rehab in Alicante with Step One Recovery, you’ll notice our facility is more like an upmarket holiday home with comfortable, luxurious rooms. You can retreat to your room if you simply want some alone time, or enjoy the communal areas and get to know fellow residents.

We know that if you choose to come to Alicante, the addiction rehabilitation you pick needs to include everything. From gourmet, chef-prepared meals to laundry service, we’ve thought of everything so you can focus on your recovery. Even a pick-up from the aiport is no problem, as we want you to arrive safely.


Will my stay be kept confidential?

Of course. Clinics in Alicante have the same strict guidelines for confidentiality that you’d expect in the UK. One reason that some of our clients choose rehab in Spain is because it offers an extra level of privacy. There’s no chance you’ll bump into people you know if you go out on a day trip. We also have a lot of high-profile clients who need extra discretion. If they choose drug and alcohol rehab in Alicante, they can simply use the excuse that they’ve been on holiday in Spain. After all, they will no doubt return looking tanned and healthy, which would back up their story.


How long does rehab take?

While the detox process for some substances can take a matter of days, we highly recommend you go through a 28-day programme in rehab for the best results. This is because we don’t just want you to get off of drugs or stop drinking, but to think about the reasons why you became addicted to these substances in the first place. We can then look at the root causes of your problems and help you learn skills to avoid drugs and excessive drinking in future. We even offer free aftercare, which will usually be local to you in the UK, so the support doesn’t stop when you leave drug and alcohol rehab in Alicante.


Why should I choose private rehab in Spain?

Unfortunately, in many areas of the UK, the NHS has long waiting lists for most types of drug and alcohol treatments. When you’re motivated to get help, the last thing you want is to have to wait months for treatment, which means your addiction could potentially get worse in the meantime. Rehab in Spain is ideal for those living across the UK, as flights are short and inexpensive, and we can often organise your stay in a matter of hours. While it’s not cheap, Spanish rehab can be much more affordable than treatment in the UK, and our packages offer excellent value for money.


Can I get help today?

It’s easy to start your rehab journey. Simply pick up the phone and call Step One Recovery today on 07914 760631 and we’ll take you through the process.

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