Step One Recovery believes that by going into a luxurious rehabilitation center abroad is the best chance for you to become and stay sober. By immersing yourself in a totally different environment it is much easier to break old habits that have become a ritual in your old lifestyle. A common place recovering addicts tend to go to for luxurious treatment is Thailand. However, Step One Recovery located themselves in a bit and healthier country for their clients, in Spain.

There are many reasons why we recommend Spain over Thailand and the main one is health related. The Costa Blanca, where our facility is located, has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as having one of the best air quality results in the world. The Spanish Mediterranean sea and beaches are also much cleaner, healthier and in general are kept to a higher standard than the beaches in Thailand.

We also thought about the language barrier. Within Europe, English is the predominant language.  This will help you when you are exploring the surroundings a little more so you can properly communicate with people to know exactly what anything is, whether it be about places, food, or drink.

Furthermore, you and your body will be going through a lot of stress when detoxing and becoming sober. We therefore find it important that you can turn to certain aspects, such as food, that will make you feel comfortable. Thailand offers very little that would align with European cultures or customs.

Another major concern with Thailand is how accessible illegal substances are and the amount of organized crime groups that are involved in the country. Of course drugs are everywhere but there is a tighter control on it in Spain, which we feel is essential when addicts are trying to go through rehabilitation.

If you are looking for a luxurious rehabilitation center, Step One Recovery located in the eastern side of Spain would be a perfect a fit for you. The European lifestyle, surroundings and environment is the ideal setting for you to take your first steps onto your path to recovery.