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Drug Rehab Liverpool


The effects of a drug addiction

Are you or your loved one living with a drug addiction? Searching for support in your local area of Liverpool? Having a dependency on any form of drug, whether that be a prescribed painkiller, or a class A substance can have a significant effect on a user’s life. Not to mention the lives of those around them.

From psychological disorders such as paranoia to psychical side effects, all effecting quality of life, dealing with a drug addiction can be dangerous and distressing. Have you previously experienced support groups or addiction counselling which haven’t worked? Concerned that overcoming your drug addiction seems impossible? If so, consider our drug rehab here at Step 1 Recovery.

Overcoming a drug addiction can be difficult. However, with the right support and treatment, moving towards a drug free life is possible. Whether you are looking for a rehab centre close to your home city of Liverpool or would benefit from detaching yourself from influences and visiting out Spanish styled estate, we have a drug rehab ideal.

We can support you through this time of transformation through our evidence-based addiction treatments with our credible team of specialists, on hand 24/7. Take the first step to your new drug-free future by contacting our rehab centre today.


Treatments to conquer drug addiction

Searching for residential drug addiction treatment based in Liverpool? Or would disconnecting yourself from your everyday life benefit you greater when considering your rehabilitation? Here at both our UK and Spain based Step 1 Recovery centres, we offer a holistic approach to treatment, ensuring that you have every opportunity to recover from your addiction. We believe that realigning every part of you will create a greater chance of rehabilitation.

If you believe that your addiction is affecting your quality of life, contact our team today to complete your initial addiction assessment. This will allow our team to understand your drug addiction greater, providing a route to the most appropriate rehab treatments. From here, an array of our evidence-based methods will be recommended on your arrival to help disconnect your addiction, while healing your mind, body and soul. Below are some of the treatment options you could expect to see at either of our rehab centres:

  • Individual and group therapy: This is recommended to open up about your addiction journey and use the story of others for inspiration. Building a strong support network is key for recovery, therefore we help you do this by dropping your barriers.
  • A detoxification: A detox programme will help work through your withdrawal symptoms of drugs. Our medical experts will slowly decrease your drug intake, helping you gently learn to live without drug abuse.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Those living with a drug addiction can experience many negative thoughts and feelings. Mental health issues are on the rise for those consuming high quantities of drugs. CBT treatment will help to turn those negative feelings into positive, showing you that a happy and healthy future is possible without drugs.
  • Coping mechanism classes: To help you prepare for a drug-free future, coping mechanisms are taught to both you and your family to ensure that you are ready if any future drug cravings occur.
  • Physical and meditation sessions: Along with helping you clear your mind and create natural happy chemicals, our physical sessions will provide you with further coping mechanisms to replace your drug consumption.

Merging all of the above addiction treatments will ensuring that both psychological and physical drug fixations you have slowly diminish. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we believe in supporting you throughout your journey, rather than one hard-hitting treatment. For long-term recovery, a holistic approach where your dependency slowly fades away is highly recommended.


How our team can support you through drug rehab

At both our UK and Spain based rehab centres, ideal for those living in Liverpool with a drug addiction, our expert teams are here for you. You’ll be pleased to know that each one of our team members, carefully selected, have successfully helped those with addictions overcome them. When selecting a drug rehab programme, it is important that you ensure that those behind the centre are certified. Protecting you while ensuring you have a positive experience is a must.

We have a team of addiction psychologists, specialised doctors, credible meditation trainers and expert therapists on hand 24/7 to ensure your recovery is smooth sailing. Each are passionate about using their knowledge to guide you through the rehabilitation process.

Remember that detoxification can also be a difficult process. Your body has been dependant on drugs, therefore withdrawal symptoms will creep in. You need to ensure you have medical experts controlling this for you to ensure that your health is a priority. We can make detoxification easier for you, by pairing your drug detox with scheduled addiction treatments.

We additionally understand how difficult leaving your life back home can be. Therefore, we offer a variety of in-house additional services to help ease your drug rehab experience. Our additional services include personal training sessions, spa treatments, mindfulness classes, and business support to ensure that your outside goals are maintained.

Our mission is to do our utmost to support those with any addiction, whether that be drug and alcohol abuse, a gambling dependency or a mental health disorder. We will create the most appropriate road to recovery for each one of our clients, providing a personalised service. If you’re looking to change your life for the better by looking for healthy focuses to take over your drug addiction, make a rehab centre your priority.

If you’re looking for a drug rehab centre local to Liverpool or would prefer a home from home, away from everyday influences, consider our Step 1 Recovery rehabilitation centres today. We can help you through your drug addiction, supporting you through every step straight through to your recovery. To find out further information regarding our drug rehab treatments, contact our expert team on +44 (0)7914 760 631 or fill out our contact form.