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Drug Rehab Glasgow

Drug addiction across the UK has continued to rise, having many effects on users and surrounding loved ones.

Are you concerned that a drug addiction for yourself or family member may be on the horizon? Are you experiencing health problems linked to consistent consumption of drugs? Whether that be prescribed or illegal drug abuse, there are many physical and mental side effects significantly decreasing the quality of life.

Are you based in Glasgow looking for expert support? Considering a drug rehab programme to diminish your cravings? Here at Step 1 Recovery, we have both residential and outpatient treatments at our UK and Spain based rehab centres. If you believe that addiction treatment will benefit you, get in touch with our compassionate team, before greater damage is caused.

We can help you acknowledge your drug addiction and give you the tools to work on your mindset and physical drug cravings. Our aim is for each client to leave, prepared for a drug-free future.


Addiction Treatments at our Drug Rehab

Whether you prefer a UK based support network or leaving your home influences in Glasgow to visit our Spain based rehab centre is for you, we have an array of evidence-based treatments to help you.

Whichever method you select, firstly, an initial phone assessment will be necessary to understand your drug addiction greater. Our team will get to know your story, understand where your drug addiction has stemmed from, including its effects, providing them with the information to progress your registration. From here, you’ll have the opportunity to select which rehab centre suits you in Glasgow.

On your arrival to our rehab centre, we will run through your personalised addiction treatment plan to reassure you of the next steps. Your personalised drug rehab plan will include methods such as:


Psychological Treatments

– Cognitive behavioural therapy: CBT is one of the most commonly known addiction treatments out there. This has a high success rate by tapping into client’s psychological connection with drugs. Here, our expert psychologists will provide you with mental coping mechanisms to move passed your addiction. If you’ve experienced any mental health issues as a drug side effect, and have negative thoughts, this treatment will help change these positive. All therapy will move you towards a positive outlook without drugs.

– Group and individual Counselling: Do you struggle to open up about your addiction? Here at Step 1 Recovery we believe in discussing your issues and sharing with others. This is found to build strong support networks while using the stories of others as inspiration. You may feel that you’re currently surrounded by other users in Glasgow who you struggle to connect with. We will help you with this at either one of our rehab centres.

– Family Therapy and classes: Your journey with us at our rehab centre is important, however your recovery when you return to Glasgow is even more important. By offering family time, we are ensuring that a support network is present for your return home, while preparing you and your network for future drug cravings. Coping mechanisms will be taught to overcome any difficult times.


Physical Treatments

– Drug detox programmes: To help slowly reduce your drug addiction, a physical drug detox programme may be offered. Our medical experts will slowly reduce your drug consumption, following a personalised schedule, until you no longer crave any substances.

– Physical and Mindfulness classes: To help you through the withdrawal symptoms you will experience, we encourage ways of boosting your natural happiness chemicals. This is done through physical and mindfulness sessions such as meditation. This will help you create healthy coping mechanisms, pushing you away from the affect’s drugs can have.

Depending on the severity of your drug addiction, your personalised rehab programme will vary when comparing to other clients. Here at Step 1 Recovery we believe in promoting individual experiences, ensuring that requirements are taking into consideration. There’s no one size fits all when considering any form of addiction. Therefore, this will ensure that your goal of a drug-free future will be met.

Our holistic approach of mixing both psychological and physical evidence-based treatments will ensure that any connection you have to drug abuse are diminished. It is very difficult to overcome each area without specialised support.

Our expert team are made up of individuals with significant experience of addiction. From specialised medical advisors to addiction psychologists, we have support at hand to ensure that you are receiving the best treatment, before heading back home to Glasgow. Learn life-changing tools today to transform your outlook and lead a positive drug-free life.


Our Service here at Step 1 Recovery

Whether you require a small detoxification, or if a full drug rehab programme is necessary, whichever centre you select, full support will be provided. We offer 24/7 support for all of our clients to ensure that comfort is key when working through your drug addiction.

If you’re looking for a hard-hitting cold turkey approach, we will sadly not recommend our addiction treatments. Addiction, whether that be short or long-term can be difficult to overcome. To ensure that a relapse isn’t on the card, we only offer consistent support, slowly moving you towards a life without drugs. Once you feel ready to lead a positive life in Glasgow, a return home will be recommended. See our rehab centres as a home from home until you’re 100% prepared to control your life once again.

No matter the addiction, we can offer you support. Whether you have a drug and alcohol addiction, have a fixation and thrive off gambling or suffer from life-limiting mental health issues, we are on hand. Our evidence-based treatments work around your addiction, helping to change your perception on drug use. This with our expert knowledge, beautiful setting and addiction activities can inspire and motivate long- term recovery.

If you’re based in Glasgow, searching for a safe haven to call home as you recover from your addiction, consider our rehab centres today. We can work with you until you feel comfortable and confident that a drug-free life can be lived by you, positively effecting yourself and your family’s lives.

Get in touch with our expert team on for further information on +44 (0) 7914 760631 or fill out our contact form.