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Drug Rehab Birmingham

The effects of a drug addiction

Are you based in Birmingham or the West Midlands, searching for a residential drug rehab programme? Looking to work through your drug addiction with the hope to lead a drug-free future?

Long-term drug addiction can have a significant negative effect on a user’s physical and mental health, along with influencing the ability to maintain control over their life. Many side effects can creep in once high regular consumption of both prescribed and illegal substances occur. If you are living with any side effects, taking the first step to seeking expert support is recommended. For effective results, a drug rehab programme including a full detoxification should be followed.

Whether you are looking to stay in the United Kingdom, or would prefer to remove yourself from any influences, here at Step 1 Recovery, we have specialised addiction treatments to support you.

Take the first step to a positive future by contacting our team today to progress through your drug rehabilitation.

Our drug rehab treatments

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we believe in listening to our clients. Listening to their stories, their experiences and their goals. This will help our expert team get to know our clients more, their addiction and how our drug rehab can support them. From here, a personalised treatment plan will be created and followed to help those looking to conquer a drug addiction.

Taking a holistic approach to treatment, we will work on every area of your drug addiction to ensure that you feel healed, ready to live a drug-free life on your return to Birmingham. We achieve this by working on both your mental and physical cravings and side effects to drugs. Our evidence-based, tested addiction treatments here at our rehab centres are designed to help those with addictions slowly but effectively overcome them.

Within your personalised treatment plan you can expect to see methods such as family therapy, group counselling sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy to work on your psychological attachment. This will help you acknowledge your addiction, while changing your outlook on drug use. Alongside psychological support, treatments such as meditation, physical activity and a full detoxification may also be available on your treatment plan. All will help you overcome your drug withdrawal symptoms by teaching you ways to create your own positive coping mechanisms.

Depending on the length, severity and the affects you experience from drugs, a variety of differing treatments will be offered to ensure that you are working on the areas needed. If you would like to discuss our treatment options, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

Depending on the length, severity and the affects you experience from drugs, a variety of differing treatments will be offered to ensure that you are working on the areas needed. If you would like to discuss our treatment options, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

Our continuous support

Alongside our successful addiction treatments, we ensure that continuous support is provided to our clients. Dealing with an addiction can be difficult, especially if you’ve been working through it alone. We believe that creating a strong support network, full of guidance, motivation and expert advice will make your experience much more positive. No matter the scenario, our team are experienced to guide you through your treatment plan to ensure you are on track. 24/7 support will be offered to hold your hand throughout your drug rehabilitation, offering a family feel to our centre.

We also understand how difficult this time can be for your family and loved ones. With that in mind, we also offer support to your family. This will help them understand your addiction greater and see how their ongoing support can aid your recovery process. This will only be offered if given consent by yourself. We want to make sure comfort is key for you throughout your drug rehab, therefore we will listen to your needs.

Once you have returned home to Birmingham, we will also offer aftercare support for each one of our clients. Your drug rehab experience is highly important however, your return home will test your recovery. This is where you’ll be put back into your day to day life, therefore we will ensure that you have support through this transition. With the right support you can overcome any drug influences.

Our mission here at Step 1 Recovery

Our mission is to support those in need who suffer with an addiction. Whether you live with a drug addiction, an alcohol dependency, a sex fixation or a mental health disorder, we are passionate about supporting you.

We believe that our rehab centres are different to others. With our successfully proven addiction treatments, our holistic approach, our personalised route, our credible team and our ongoing support, we have the ability to really support you. We understand that taking the first step can be difficult. We understand how rehabilitation can be difficult. However, we do our upmost to make those difficult times worth your while, by leaving our rehab centres drug-free.

Our further mission has been to provide a home from home for clients. A safe haven based in a secluded Mediterranean estate to promote comfort, security and relaxation. We’ve aspired to change the clinical concept of drug rehab and have successfully achieved this by combining addiction treatment and luxury. However, do not worry if staying close to home in Birmingham serves you greater. Our Watford based rehab clinic also offers our industry leading treatments, experts and support.

If you’re looking to make a positive change to your life by learning life-saving skills, consider a private rehab centre today. We can support you through this journey, by helping you overcome any form of addiction, including drug abuse. Aiming to overcome this alone will be challenging. Aiming to overcome your addiction surrounded by experienced, passionate specialists will make this process much easier for you.

If you are looking for individuals who will listen carefully, without judging your past, help you detoxify from your long-term drug abuse, whilst helping you learn strong coping skills, stop delaying and contact our admission team. We will treat you with the upmost respect, promoting autonomy throughout your rehabilitation. Get in touch today on +44 (0)7914 760 631 / to complete your initial phone assessment