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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Scotland

Although drug and alcohol addictions are increasing in Scotland, there are a small amount of professional rehab clinics available, adding pressure to the NHS. With this said, many individuals with addictive behaviours are failing to receive the right care, falling into even greater addictions.

Without the right support and treatment, significant physical and mental health issues can set in, causing greater dependencies and illnesses. If this sounds like your current situation and are based in Scotland, reach out for help today through a residential treatment programme.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we specialise in helping people through drug and alcohol fixations and connected mental health issues through our industry leading addiction treatments.

We can help you stop drinking by visiting our Spain based luxury rehab centre, equipped with everything you will need to recover. Call us today to find out further information about our expertise and how they can benefit you


When is Drug and Alcohol Rehab necessary?

To many individuals, the thought of rehab is daunting, reflecting a very serious step. However, rehab is highly important for individuals living with addiction.

Do you find it difficult to go 24 hours without consuming any form of drug or alcohol? Do you experience regular withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse? Or maybe your side effects are negatively affecting your quality of life? If you have any form of connection to drugs and alcohol, reaching out for expert support through rehab should be prioritised.

Without seeking support, detrimental scenarios can occur, making long-term recovery difficult. No matter the extent of your addiction, rehab will benefit you and your loved ones. To discuss your personal needs or concerns, reach out to our compassionate team. We can discuss whether outpatient or residential treatment will best suit your addiction.


What is rehab like?

Although rehab is commonly associated with clinical services, here at Step 1 Recovery, we ease the experience through our luxury, relaxing atmosphere. Our mission is to ensure that the environment our clients recover within helps to heal their mind, body and soul.

Rehab can be difficult. Addiction treatment can be difficult, especially if a chronic drug and alcohol addiction is present. However, rehab is worthwhile and will promote addiction recovery, long-term. You will receive ongoing support throughout, providing a family feel to boost your support network.

We understand that residential rehab, and a move abroad for a short period of time may seem distressing. However, by moving yourself away from your daily influences, while rejuvenating in the Mediterranean sun, you will have a greater probability of returning home to Scotland, recovered.


What Addiction Treatment will I Receive?

While visiting our rehab centre here at Step 1 Recovery, you will complete a variety of our industry leading addiction treatments. To ensure your whole being, mind, body and soul can be healed, you will receive a personalised treatment plan. This will boost your chances of recovering by tackling your personal effects from drugs and alcohol.

Common addiction treatments experienced by our patients include drug and alcohol detoxes, cognitive behavioural therapy, physical activity, well-being sessions, family therapy and group therapy. Each are highly important for working through your psychological and physical cravings. Our aim is to work on your negative thoughts and connections to drugs, with the motivation to turn these into positive thoughts on your future.

Alongside our general addiction treatments, you will further receive educational sessions. These sessions will cover the effects of drug addiction, health in general, and how to lead a positive life post rehab. We will teach you positive coping mechanisms and relapse prevention techniques to ensure you are prepared once you return home to Scotland.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we further understand how this time has also affected your family members. They have watched you suffer through the side effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

For some, a greater understanding of addiction may be required. For others, therapy sessions may be needed to overcome any previous worrying or distressing times. No matter the requirement, our team will be here to ensure your support network is strong and prepared for your return.


What happens after Rehab when I return home to Scotland?

The transition post rehab can be difficult. This is your first experience back in your home comforts, with the possibility of falling back into old habits. To ensure that substance abuse can be avoided, we offer aftercare services for all patients. We will keep in regular contact, offer support group sessions and any further addiction treatments at a centre closer to Scotland, for up to a year post rehab.

We believe that by completing a full residential rehab programme and outpatient treatments, long-term recovery is highly likely, and a sober future is possible. We have helped many individuals overcome their addictions and mental health issues here at Step 1 Recovery, and our aim is to support many others in a similar situation.


How soon can I visit Rehab?

Waiting lists for NHS or local services can be very long. By visiting our rehab centre, you can receive immediate care, followed by your very own effective rehab programme.

We can arrange everything for you, from transporting you over to Spain, to our additional services to boost your overall well-being. Reach out for our support today and reduce the damaging effects you’ve experienced. We can ensure a positive time with us is experienced as you work through your addiction.

If you are suffering through the side effects of a drug and alcohol addiction, reach out for our support today. We can help you through this difficult time.

We can support you through your initial detox, addiction treatments and educational classes, ensuring you are armed with life-saving tools for your return to Scotland. We can further support you once you return home with our effective outpatient treatment plans, ensuring your long-term recovery schedule is in place.

Rejuvenate, realign and reconnect your whole being by visiting our luxury rehab centre. We are here to share our addiction knowledge, helping you recover long-term.

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