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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Leeds

Overcoming an addiction is not easy, so if you decide to look for drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds, you want to know you’re getting the best levels of support and help. At Step 1 Recovery, we offer a world-class rehabilitation programme for anyone who is concerned about their alcohol or drug use and wants to change. Patients fly from all over the world to get treatment at our centre because we offer alcohol or drug rehab in a luxurious, welcoming villa or UK centre which have all the facilities you need for a successful recovery.


Choosing residential rehabilitation services

While you may have arrived on our site looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds, there are many reasons why opting for rehab centres away from your hometown makes sense. If you are away from home, you are away from your contacts who sell you drugs, and it’s incredibly difficult to get hold of alcohol or drugs while you’re in rehab. If you find that stress triggers your addiction, or you’re stuck in negative behaviour cycles while at home, then residential rehab may be the best option for you.

When you opt for addiction treatment in a residential setting, you can also undertake therapy in a short, intensive spell, which works better than months of outpatient care for some people. While you may have already tried Narcotics Anonymous, or perhaps other support groups, it doesn’t mean that other methods won’t work. If you complete one of our 28-day programmes and stick with aftercare, then you have an excellent chance of succeeding at drug or alcohol rehab.

You may also choose to come to Spain for your treatment as it’s simply a nice place to spend time. Our rehab centre is set in Villa Camino de la Paz, Moraira, a luxurious Mediterranean estate which has private rooms, beautiful grounds and even its own pool. While you still enjoy the benefits of rehab such as 24-hours supervision and intensive treatment, you also get time off to relax and unwind, taking care of your health too. We also have centres in the UK that you can go to if you aren’t willing to travel abroad.


The treatment process

Our detox programme is the first step in the rehab process, and it’s normal to find this part quite difficult. You may be physically or emotionally dependent on drugs or alcohol, so as they leave your body, it’s normal to feel anxious and on-edge. However, because your detox is medically supervised, you have the advantage of being able to take prescription medication to ease your symptoms, which can make detox more pleasant. The detoxification process varies between people, depending on whether they’re dependent on drugs, alcohol or both, but we do offer fast detoxes which could take as little as a few days.

Once you’ve gone through drug or alcohol detoxification, your mind will probably feel a bit clearer, and you can start the rehab process. It’s normal to still get withdrawal symptoms for a while, which is why we don’t offer detox as a standalone treatment, but ask that you stay on for a rehab programme. Step 1 Recovery take the view that a combination of treatments is often the best approach for those with addictions, so while you will have individual and group therapy, you’ll also get a number of holistic treatments such as reiki, art therapy, massage and reflexology. There are also education sessions where you can learn how to spot the signs of a relapse and get the tools you need for long term success.


Don’t delay treatment

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds, the odds are you are really wanting to change your life and overcome your addiction, but may be finding it difficult to get help.  Unfortunately, there are a large number of people with addictions in Leeds, which means the overstretched NHS is finding it difficult to cope. While there are local services that offer rehab in Leeds, it can take a while to get admitted, and your GP might ask that you try outpatient or other types of treatment first. If you choose Step 1 Recovery, there’s no waiting list and no need for a GP referral, which is an approach that many people prefer.


After your programme ends

Although our 28-day programmes are intense, we know we can’t completely cure an addiction in this time, so many people wonder what happens after rehab. Step 1 Recovery offers excellent free aftercare and can put you in touch with organisations in the Leeds area who can help with your recovery. Many of our clients find groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous helpful to their recovery, or you can opt for extended care such as extra therapy if you are worried about a relapse. We ensure you get a great support network in place to get you through the next stage of recovery.


Going through rehab in Spain

You’ll no doubt find lots of options for drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds if you choose to go private, but you may find that Spain is a better option for your specific needs. Spain can often be a more affordable option for private rehab, even when you factor in transport costs, and standards are still extremely high with rehab centres inspected by the government. All staff speak fluent English and have excellent qualifications and extensive experience, so the alcohol and drug services you receive are easily comparable to standards in the UK.

For some people, going to Spain is an attractive prospect because it offers high levels of discretion. There’s little chance you’ll bump into people you know while you’re on an outing in a small Spanish town, and if you need an alibi, just tell acquaintances that you’ve gone on an extended holiday. Confidentiality is important to us, and nobody will know you’ve been to rehab unless you tell them.

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Leeds, whether it’s abroad or through one of our UK centres we are the choice for you, call the Step 1 Recovery team on +44 (0) 7914 760631 to find out more about how we can help.

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