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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Canary Islands

Are you currently suffering through the negative side effects of addiction? For many individuals using drugs and alcohol, a lack of awareness is present when considering the support available to alleviate this difficult time.

Although drug and alcohol addictions are global concerns, there are a lack of specialised rehab clinics accessible to all. With this in mind, it is important that individuals located within countries effected by limited addiction treatments are aware of the greater support available abroad.

Do you live on one of the Canary Islands? Whether that’s Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Fuerteventura or one of the smaller Islands, local support may seem difficult to find. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we are conveniently located on the Balearic Islands, offering a helping hand for those suffering. We specialise in assisting individuals through addiction treatment and mental health recovery, helping them lead a positive, independent future. Reach out today to see how we can help transport you from your Canary Island home and experience a personalised rehab journey.

When should addiction treatment be sourced?

Are you already considering addiction treatment? If so, you’re definitely taking a step in the right direction. However, if you’ve yet to contemplate detoxification and rehab, it is important that you do, before greater damages arise.

For individuals using drugs and alcohol, there’s usually two common stages experienced; the avoidance stage, where support isn’t perceived as necessary, and the ‘it’s time to stop’ stage. Yet for many, between those two stages, great damages have been brought on through ongoing drug and alcohol consumption.

For greatest recovery likelihood and for future health potential, it is important that individuals source support as soon as possible. Although addiction treatment cannot turn back the clocks and diminish all impacts related to drugs and alcohol, it can improve quality of life and aspire for long-term recovery.

Therefore, if you are suffering with any level of addiction, source support through a drug and alcohol rehab in the Canary Islands or surrounding area, and return home ready to lead a different, healthier life.

Specialised support local to the Canary Islands

If you are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in the Canary Islands, here at Step 1 Recovery, we can help. For individuals living with mild side effects, local treatment may be available on your doorstep.

However, for individuals who’ve experienced the long-term damaging effects of an addiction, residential rehab may be the only option; especially if a future of sobriety is your goal. Although this may sound like a daunting step to take, visiting a rehab centre and completing a comprehensive treatment programme will increase your recovery potential.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we can ease the rehab process for you by offering our home from home luxury facility, our team of empathetic, addiction specialists, our market leading addiction treatments and our honest, consistent care. We ensure that every client experiences a positive rehab journey, one which can be remembered for the good, and used to eliminate any future drug and alcohol relapses.

Reach out today to benefit from the advantages, readily waiting for those considering residential rehab.

The benefits of residential rehab programmes

As mentioned above, residential rehab programmes carry great benefits; with the most impactful one, the ability to recover fully. This is a common goal for many clients looking to rehabilitate from a drug and alcohol addiction. Therefore, it is a key recommendation here at Step 1 Recovery.

By attending a residential rehab, you’ll be provided with a personalised treatment programme to follow over a set period of time. Within this timeframe, our team of specialists will ensure you have everything to hand to recover. Whether that’s home comforts, greater treatment options or just a listening ear, we advocate for a personal, comfortable rehab atmosphere.

A further aspect which promotes greater recovery probability is the time and peace you will experience away from your influences back home. By attempting to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in the Canary Islands, old habits and memories may disrupt your addiction treatment, making the whole process harder to combat and control. Here you will experience the time and energy to change your lifestyle and mindset, moving you further away from your drug and alcohol addiction, and closer to a positive future.

Achieve long-term recovery here at Step 1 Recovery

At Step 1 Recovery, we can help you achieve long-term recovery through our personalised, holistic approach to rehab. From your initial phone assessment, you will be treated as an individual. You will be supported in the best way possible to cater to your needs; we appreciate that all of our clients who walk through our rehab doors are different.

With this in mind, we will create a personalised treatment programme to ensure progression is possible for all. This treatment programme will be devised by understanding your drug and alcohol addiction more, your lifestyle back home in the Canary Islands, your future goals, and your current health. These factors will then guide our addiction counsellors, psychologists, coaches and medical professionals to select appropriate addiction treatments.

You will complete a number of our recovery designed treatment options, including medical, therapeutic and social methods. This approach will work on each area of your drug and alcohol addiction, ensuring that healing potentials are present. This approach will also increase your susceptibility to further treatment options, boosting your recovery likelihood from even the most deep-rooted drug and alcohol addiction.

Once we believe a return home to the Canary Islands is possible, if a comprehensive treatment programme has been completed, our support will continue. Our team will continue to guide you through this time of change, along with preparing you with coping mechanisms and relapse prevention techniques. This can be offered up to 12 months post rehab to all clients who’ve invested into their future through a personalised treatment programme. From here, you’ll be ready to tackle the world independently, with life-saving skills to conquer your drug and alcohol addiction.

Select our facility here at Step 1 Recovery over a drug and alcohol rehab in the Canary Islands to boost your recovery likelihood. Experience the benefits from a residential rehab programme yourself. Get in touch today to start your rehab journey.

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