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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bilbao


If you’re looking for rehab clinics, you may think that staying close to home is the best option. However, Spain is becoming a popular option for many Brits who want to overcome an addiction, and there are lots of reasons why it makes sense to go further afield for your recovery. Searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Bilbao means that you make a greater commitment to a programme, taking time out from your everyday life to get better. This often gives people the space they need to examine why they became addicted to drugs and alcohol in the first place and to start breaking self-destructive cycles. Step One Recovery offer world-class rehab programmes in locations across Europe, enjoy luxurious surroundings as you take this journey.


Why should you consider a rehab centre?

There are many reasons why so many people are considering drug and alcohol rehab in Bilbao and other Spanish locations. Spain is very easy to reach from the UK, flights are usually just a couple of hours, yet you feel like you’re away from any bad influences at home. If your treatment programme includes family therapy, then it’s easy for loved ones to hop on a plane to see you and travelling to Spain is usually inexpensive.

Spanish rehab clinics are generally less expensive than similar places in the UK, yet they still have an excellent reputation. All staff in these centres speak English and are familiar with cultural differences, so you feel welcomed and part of the family, and all centres are strictly regulated and inspected by the Spanish government for your peace of mind.


Discretion and a place to escape

Many people put off addiction treatment because they’re worried about the stigma. They may even worry about losing their job or, in the case of high-profile individuals, worry about the public finding out. That’s why our facilities are so popular with those who need the highest levels of discretion. Undertaking a detox and programme in Europe rather than the UK means it’s easier to keep things confidential, and if people wonder where you’ve been, you can simply tell them you’ve taken a holiday. This is why so many people now search for drug and alcohol rehab in Bilbao when they need help.


A positive environment

Our luxurious European rehab centres, combined with the almost year-round sunshine in locations such as Spain, makes an excellent backdrop in which to start your recovery. With a positive, supportive environment, you have a better chance of success when taking on rehab programmes. When you’re looking at drug and alcohol rehab in Bilbao, you’ll notice that many Spanish clinics have a much homelier feel to them and are somewhere where you’d choose to stay for a break. With facilities such as swimming pools and yoga lessons available Step One Recovery can provide the tools you need to heal the body and soul.


Choosing the right clinic

It’s always difficult to choose the right place to undergo drug or alcohol rehab, and it can be especially scary to take the plunge and go abroad to take on a programme. Step One Recovery offer residential rehab in a comfortable, supportive setting and can also take care of all the arrangements such as a door to door chauffeur, so there’s no need to get stressed out comparing clinics or ringing around. While you stay with us, you can be sure you’ll have everything you need, from home-cooked meals to regular therapy sessions, so you can focus on yourself.


Is rehab right for you?

The decision to look for rehab is never taken lightly, and it’s important that the person undergoing addiction treatment is motivated and willing to go through the programme. Whether you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bilbao for yourself or a loved one, think about whether spending time abroad will be practical. In many cases, it’s better for the person with the addiction to take a little time off for intensive treatment, rather than delaying it and potentially causing more damage to themselves. However, we appreciate that our clients have obligations such as work and family, so we help people stay connected to their lives as much as possible, as long as it doesn’t hinder their journey.


Private rehab in the UK & Europe

One of the reasons why so many people are looking for private rehab, as opposed to NHS treatment, is due to the amount of time the latter can take. Once someone with an addiction expresses the desire to change, they need to be supported and encouraged to seek help as soon as possible. Rehab centres in the UK, especially those funded by the NHS, can often have long waiting lists which means the patient will need to delay their recovery.

While they’re waiting, there’s always a risk that their addiction will get worse, or that they’ll have issues with relationships, mental health or work. That’s why it makes sense to look for drug and alcohol rehab in Bilbao or the Spanish city of your choice. Arrangements such as travel can be sorted out as quickly as possible, meaning you don’t face the risk of things escalating while waiting for support.


Booking a rehab clinic stay

One of the easiest ways to book yourself or a loved one into rehab in locations such as Spain is to simply pick up the phone and call Step One Recovery. Call us on 07914 760631 any time you need help and we can advise you on what to do next. There are many options available, whether you’ve been in rehab before or whether this is your first time seeking help, so don’t hesitate to talk to our non-judgemental team of specialists.

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