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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Barcelona

If you are looking for effective drug and alcohol rehab in Barcelona and aren’t sure where to turn, get in touch with Step 1 Recovery today. We offer drug and alcohol rehab in the luxurious Villa Camino de la Paz in peaceful Moraira, just a short distance from Alicante airport. Flights between Barcelona and Alicante take less than an hour, so it’s the ideal location for those who want to spend some time away from the city, perhaps getting away from bad influences and avoiding the party lifestyle for a while, so they can recover.

Reasons for addiction

Addiction is incredibly complex, and there are endless reasons why someone might end up becoming an alcoholic or develop a drug addiction. Some studies have shown there’s a genetic link, if you have a parent or sibling with an addiction then you are more likely to develop one yourself, however there can also be triggers such as a traumatic event, poor mental health or trying to self-medicate that can also lead to addiction. Usually, it’s a combination of factors.

At Step 1 Recovery, we want to understand why you developed an addiction, as this can help you overcome it. We offer an intensive programme of individual and group therapy, with English speaking staff that are highly qualified and experienced. Once you understand the root causes of your addiction, you can work out the best way to fight back, and we’ll ensure you leave our centre with the tools you need for long term success.

The advantages of private rehab

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Barcelona, then the chances are you’re considering private rehab. While this may seem like a costly option, going private means you simply get a better level of care, with treatment that’s tailored to suit your needs. Some expats may have already tried NHS treatment in the UK and found that it simply didn’t work for them, so they turn to Step 1 Recovery. Our facility is private, secure, highly ethical and most trusted in the Alicante region, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Some expats worry about getting treatment in Spain, as they perhaps think the standard will be higher back home. However, we’ve found that the standards for rehabilitation centers in Spain are as strict as in the UK, and there are regular government inspections, so you can be sure of the best standards of care.

Your stay at Villa Camino de la Paz

We understand that starting rehab can be a time of high anxiety, so rest assured, as soon as you step through the doors you’ll be given the warmest of welcomes. There is still an unfortunate stigma about seeking help for alcohol or drug addiction, so you may be concerned about confidentiality. Step 1 Recovery offer complete discretion from your initial enquiry and throughout the rehab process and beyond. We often deal with high profile people, including those in the public eye, so our team know the importance of complete confidentiality.

Staying at Villa Camino de la Paz is nothing like being in hospital, it’s a luxurious, comfortable facility with everything you need taken care of. From chef catered meals to a daily laundry service, you will be very well looked after. We know that rehab is tough and emotionally exhausting, so we provide luxurious private bedrooms where you can be alone and relax after your sessions. You can also take part in fun activities, relax in our lovely grounds, or even take a dip in the pool while enjoying the Spanish sunshine. Our aim is to send you home feeling much better than when you came. When you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Barcelona, you’ll no doubt notice our facility is one of the best-equipped in the area.

24/7 support

Going through rehab is hard work, so you need to know that you have someone to support you at all times. When you choose Step 1 Recovery for drug and alcohol rehab in Barcelona, you can be sure of 24/7 support from highly trained professionals. Our team have worked with people with addictions for many years and have the skills to support you through the most difficult of times.

When you stay with us, you’ll have the opportunity to detox, which is the first step towards being free of drink or drugs. As well as your traditional therapies, you’ll enjoy holistic sessions such as yoga and mindfulness, all carried out by our professional team.

Leaving rehab at the end of your programme doesn’t mean that all your support is gone. We offer 12 months of free aftercare in the form of support groups, and can also help you find local organisations that may be of use. We have an aftercare team who can assess your specific needs and make suggestions based on previous relapses and patterns of behaviour. You may feel you need extended care, perhaps further individual therapy, or you may be interested in couples or family therapy to help heal broken relationships. Whatever your needs, our team are on hand to help you make the right choices that can keep you away from alcohol and drugs in the long term.

If you’re looking for addiction treatment that’s near Barcelona, all you need to do is call Step 1 Recovery today and your journey can begin. Simply contact the team on +44 (0) 7914 760631 (UK) or +34 965 05 51 66 (Spain) to find out more.


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Our multi-disciplined team are all industry-leading experts in their individual fields. They are dedicated to providing you with treatment, support, and care around the clock, for as long as you need it.

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