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What To Expect From A Drug Detox

Being addicted to any type of drugs or alcohol can have great control over your personality and behaviour, and can greatly affect your loved ones, too. Drugs can cause great damage to your job situation, finance and general health, and have physical and psychological effects that cause a dangerous impact on a user, resulting in psychological problems such as paranoia, lying, feeling over-confident, irritability, disorientation, anger and feeling down.

Physical effects associated with addictive substances can similarly have long-lasting impact on the body, so if you plan on undertaking a drug detox, it is important to do this in a safe environment where you can be monitored and supported when withdrawal symptoms start.

How do I know if I need a Drug Detox?

Signs that you may require a drug detox include:

  • Attending your place of work or study under the influence of drugs
  • Behavioural changes or behaving out of character
  • Carrying out normal daily tasks under the influence of drugs
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you do not take drugs
  • Feeling down and/or experiencing depression as a result of drug use

How does a Drug Detox programme work?

When you first begin a drug detox you will suffer withdrawal symptoms as your body continues to crave drugs. To help with these symptoms, you might be offered prescription medicines such as Naltrexone and Buprenorphine until you can reach a point where you no longer need them.

The first two days of a drug detox are always the most difficult as your body is cleansed of the substances you were formally taking. Rest assured that at Step 1 recovery we will do all we can to supervise and support you in your journey towards living a life that is free from drugs.

We will always be sympathetic and understanding to what you are going through, and know about the debilitating effects of withdrawal symptoms. However, with our support we can help you through this difficult period. It is good to know that drug withdrawal symptoms are not life-threatening, even if they do cause great discomfort and worry.

When you undergo addiction treatment with Step 1 Recovery, you will only be surrounded by highly-qualified professionals who will ensure the medically assisted detox program suits your needs.

Withdrawal symptoms of a Drug Detox

Drug withdrawal symptoms will always depend on the kind of substance you are taking, and the amount you frequently take. When you do a detox off of some substances, you will experience no physical withdrawal symptoms, as the addiction is only of a psychological nature, while others may cause you to have physical symptoms such as muscle aches and cramps, insomnia, sweats, watery eyes and nose, dry mouth and a general feeling of twitchiness, particularly in the legs and arms.

Mental withdrawal symptoms vary on the individual but may include paranoia, cravings, mood swings, depression, feeling lonely, anxiety and anger. Some of these psychological symptoms can prove so severe that a user can be a danger to other people and themselves. We have the facilities and staff to prepare and treat patients for this.

We regularly get asked if it possible to avoid withdrawal symptoms, however with most drugs, if your body has built up a dependency, it will be virtually impossible to avoid these side effects and this is why it is important addicts receive quality medical supervision to prevent any potential health problems.

Your guide to Drug Detox with Step 1 Recovery

When you get in touch, we will discuss your needs and drug addiction in detail, and the reasons why you feel it is the right time to attend a detox programme. You will be assigned a therapist who will discuss your treatment plan in full, covering how it may affect you and how withdrawal symptoms will be treated. They will also discuss your drug history and any underlying mental health issues to ensure we provide you with the most reliable drug treatment programme possible.

Everyone is different when it comes to detox programmes, as the results will depend on the individual, the condition of their body, their general health and their mental determination to succeed.

There are generally three different types of detox programme you can undertake:

  • ‘Cold turkey’ – This is an extreme drug detox programme that completely cleanses the body of substances within 48 hours, without using additional medications to help the effects of withdrawal symptoms. This is by far the quickest and most effective way to flush toxins out of your system, but can be very difficult to cope with because of the severe withdrawal effects. After the first two weeks, withdrawal symptoms should start to abate.
  • Short-term detox – Usually people spend around a week with us when following this treatment programme. We consider using additional medications to ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Long-term detox – This is where you have a programme that lasts anywhere between 14 days and a month, depending on how you respond to treatment. This treatment slowly weans you off of drugs by detoxing your body gradually, to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are not so uncomfortable. There is also a strong focus on long-term aftercare and therapy.


Having a Drug Detox with Step 1 Recovery

In addition to our UK centres, we have a location in the warmth of the Costa Brava. As well as enjoying the sunny climate, our clients are encouraged to enjoy meditation on a frequent basis to help calm their thoughts, as well as yoga.

Our retreat has a gym, health and beauty services and a pool, so you will have lots of calming activities to keep your mind occupied.

Your drug detox should be a peaceful process that you find empowering. We have a team of experts who can help you plan and succeed in your rehab from drug addiction.

Our medical professionals are some of the most respected in Europe, allowing us to provide high quality treatment options.

You will receive the best support from our staff at all times, who are passionate about what they do. We select our team for their dedication to addiction therapy, as well as their sympathetic, understanding approach towards detoxing.

Once your time with us at our drug rehab centre ends, our support doesn’t just end there. Our aftercare packages is second to none and is designed to arm you the ability to tackle destructive temptations of this nature.

We truly believe that with a combination of help from family, friends and support groups, a long term recovery from substance abuse and mental health problems can be possible. Take the first step today by getting in touch with our medical team and addiction specialists.

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