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Alcohol Rehab in Glasgow

Alcohol use is ingrained in our society, we often use it to celebrate or when we’ve had a tough day, but when does enjoying a drink become an alcohol addiction?

If you’re concerned that you are drinking to excess or have a loved one who you think may have a problem, then Step One Recovery offer alcohol rehab in Glasgow to help people overcome their issues. From an initial detox to counselling and aftercare, we offer a complete package that helps people with addictive behaviours get their life back.


Should I attend Alcohol Rehab in Glasgow?

Glasgow is a great city, but unfortunately it does have a reputation as somewhere with a lot of people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. It has often been listed among the UK cities with the highest number of alcoholics, and alcohol plays a part in many social occasions and in everyday life. That’s why, in the long term, it’s often better to look for residential treatment away from Glasgow.

Step One Recovery offers a safe, comfortable drug and alcohol rehab in a luxurious centre on the Costa Blanca. Set in the coastal town of Moraira, not only is a great place to escape to, it also means you’re away from the culture of Glasgow addiction, so have a better chance of success.

Alternatively, we do have partnering centres in the UK which are just a train ride away, while you may initially be looking for alcohol rehab in Glasgow, there are many reasons why it makes sense to stay at our facility which is far away from the environment that has fuelled your addictive behaviours.


What happens when I seek Treatment?

Many people have a misconception that addiction treatment is going to be harsh, and that rehab centres are like hospitals, but with Step One Recovery we aim for a more supportive, homely approach.

When you contact us about alcohol rehab in Glasgow, we’ll talk through your options, based on the length and severity of your drinking, as well as what you would like to achieve. We can arrange for a door to door chauffeur service, often at the last minute, so you can enter our treatment centres as soon as you’re motivated.

After a full assessment, you will have a treatment programme created just for you, whether your stay in rehab is a short or long one. This will include counselling, support groups and a wide range of therapies including yoga and fitness, meaning you can take care of your body too.


How do I know if I have a Drinking Problem?

There are a number of addictive behaviours that can lead someone to seek alcohol rehab in Glasgow. You or your loved one might be prioritising alcohol over other things in their life, regularly binge drinking, or even getting into legal trouble due to their drinking.

Too much alcohol can affect relationships and change peoples’ personalities, causing them to become withdrawn or aggressive. There are also physical signs that their drinking has become a health problem when people show signs of alcohol withdrawal after they drink. When they’re sober, they may shake, sweat, seem restless or anxious or even have seizures. At this point, it’s important to seek professional advice quickly.


Why is Detoxing so important?

Suddenly withdrawing from alcohol, or going ‘cold turkey’, can be dangerous for those who drink problematically. Like any drug addiction, the body can become dependent on alcohol, so sudden withdrawal can cause physical problems, which is why it’s important to be under the care of medical professionals at the time.

While withdrawal symptoms can be mild for some people, commonly including sweating, anxiety, insomnia and headaches, in more extreme cases it can include tremors, seizures or hallucinations.

Step One Recovery have experience helping people through alcohol withdrawal, so if you’re looking for alcohol rehab in Glasgow, it’s worth speaking to a member of our team to discuss doing a detox under supervision. We offer a comfortable, safe environment, plus medication if it’s needed.

Once you’ve detoxed and no longer have alcohol in your system, spending time in our rehab centre allows you to break the patterns of negative thoughts and behaviours that lead to your addiction. While you can attend clinics in Glasgow, staying in our Moraira or UK facility gives you the space you need to undertake addiction treatment and focus on yourself, meaning you have a better chance of success.


What if I’m anxious about going to Rehab?

Simply searching for alcohol rehab in Glasgow can be a big step for those with an addiction, so actually starting the process can be anxiety inducing. Luckily, we have a friendly, non-judgemental team on hand to help from day one through to aftercare, so you’re supported at every step.

All of our doctors, nurses, counsellors and support staff have experience in addiction services and have worked with people from all walks of life, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Our centre is designed to feel like a relaxing retreat, while also offering treatment services, and while you’re here you can enjoy luxurious surroundings and excellent facilities from a swimming pool to chef-catered meals, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible.


Can I get help today?

Step One Recovery offer alcohol or drug treatment to people across the world, often at short notice. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call our team on 07914 760631.

We can talk you through the entire process and ensure you get the help you need without delay.