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Alcohol Rehab Birmingham


The facts on an alcohol dependancy

Are you suffering with a long-term alcohol dependency? Do you struggle to go through certain situations without turning to alcohol? To many, an addiction is perceived as a serious, long-term behavioural disease where a great reliance is present. However, an alcohol addiction is categorised differently.

Your alcohol dependency may not be present for a few months yet can strike you at any time if a binge creep in. It may be difficult to acknowledge whether you have an alcohol fixation – the question to ask yourself is, does alcohol affect my quality of life?

Large consumptions of alcohol can significantly deteriorate your physical and mental health causing many side effects. If you are experiencing any negative effects, an addiction could be present. Now is the time to seek support through a specialised alcohol rehab programme.

If you are located near to Birmingham, searching for either a centre close to home or afar, here at Step 1 Recovery, we can cater to your needs.


The admission processes

If you are experiencing negative side effects of consistent alcohol consumption, seeking medical advice will help you reduce any further damage to your health, life and relationships. If you believe visiting a rehab centre will benefit you, and you’re willing to make a positive change, we have two options available for you.

If you’d prefer to stay closer to home in Birmingham, our UK rehab centre will provide you with outpatient treatment and continuous support. However, if you do have a life-limiting addiction, selecting our UK or Spain based rehabilitation centre will provide greater opportunity to focus on yourself and your recovery. This will be beneficial by removing yourself from any influences through your alcohol detoxification. Whichever option works best for you from convenience, we have the expertise to help you work through your alcohol rehab.

Taking the first step of selecting and progressing through the admission process will be your first positive move to an alcohol-free future. Once you have selected the best option for you, you will complete an initial phone assessment with our team. This is where our team will get to know your addiction greater, helping to recommend the most appropriate addiction treatments for your needs.

Here at Step 1 Recovery, we believe in treating every individual who contacts us as an individual. We take your requirements into consideration by creating a personalised treatment plan to help you overcome your alcohol addiction effectively. Please also be reassured that our team are here to support you through this difficult time, therefore, if you feel uncomfortable sharing your experiences, remember that communicating is progressing you through your recovery.


Treatment services at our alcohol rehab centres

Once your personalised treatment plan has been devised, on your arrival, we will run through each with you. We believe in open communication, ensuring that you feel comfortable while at our rehab centres. Your rehab programme will include a variety of evidence-based addiction treatments to help you slowly overcome your alcohol dependency.

Working with a holistic approach, we recommended treatments which focus on healing your whole being. We will work through both mental and physical connections you have with alcohol. Our treatments will get to the bottom of your addiction and where it has stemmed from, walk through your mindset while consuming alcohol, and then look to change your thoughts to positive ones. Changing your perception will help you envisage a positive future back in Birmingham without alcohol abuse. Our treatments will also help you disconnect any physical cravings by undergoing an alcohol detox, while working on ways to naturally stimulate happy chemicals. All looking to replace your fixation to alcohol, helping you move closer to a life without dependencies.

On your treatment plan you could expect to see addiction treatments such as group and individual counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation classes, a full detoxification and physical activity sessions. Each will have a place to help you slowly detach yourself from your addiction and help find yourself again. They will additionally all play a key part in assisting you to overcome your alcohol withdrawal symptoms, helping to ease the process a little more.

To help you prepare for your return home to Birmingham, we will also offer family therapy and coping mechanism classes. These sessions will help your family understand your alcohol addiction greater, whilst providing them with methods to aid your recovery. Here at Step 1 Recovery we believe that the support you receive is paramount to the success of your recovery. Therefore, we support you throughout and post rehabilitation, whilst ensuring your family offer a strong supportive network.

No matter how severe your addiction is, or how long your alcohol rehab programme takes, our team will be on hand for you. A return home will only be recommended when you feel ready to control your life again. We can assure you that this feeling will come. We will provide you with all of the tools to lead a life without any dependencies, purely focusing on the good.


Contact our expert team today

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed or concerned that your efforts may not result in a positive recovery. We also understand that you may be scared of a potential alcohol relapse. If you are experiencing these emotions, be assured that our rehab centres and treatments are designed for successful recovery. We have a wealth of specialised knowledge and experience as a team, with a high success rate of addiction therapy.

Our team are made up of addiction experts, with the ability to help you through every stage of your recovery. There’s no one fits all rehab journey. No journey will go to plan or follow a structure, and that is why we have the best care on hand to keep you on track to achieving your goals. Whether you have a small dependency on alcohol, or have a severe addiction, we will prepare you for a life without alcohol, making your needs a priority.

Visit our home from home to learn life-saving and changing skills, helping you lead a positive, alcohol free life. Return home to Birmingham feeling rejuvenated, with a new lease of life. Take the first step today by contacting our expert team on +44 (0)7914 760 631 or arrange a call back by completing our contact form to arrange your alcohol rehab programme