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5 Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

It is normal for a person to be conscious about their look, their weight, and the food they eat. This is why it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether a person is simply being self-conscious, or is already experiencing an eatingRead More

MDMA: The New-age Drug That Is Damaging The World 

You may not have heard of MDMA, but chances are you’ve heard of “Ecstasy” or “Molly.” These are one and the same. They refer to a recreational drug, an amphetamine derivative that has the chemical name 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, and acts as a stimulantRead More

Mental Illnesses Associated with Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is a serious illness manifested through a person’s extreme obsession with their body weight, body shape, and the food they eat. This type of disorder affects all ages and genders, no matter what their size. People diagnosed with thisRead More

How to help someone with an eating disorder

Interacting with a family or friend experiencing an eating disorder can be difficult. You worry about saying the wrong things and making matters worse. However, it is important to reach out to them and address their illness in the right way. MostRead More

The top 5 signs of executive burnout

Executive burnout is a process where the alarming signs of stress occur day in and day out over an extended period of time.  Stress symptoms tend to only manifest themselves for a short period of time and on an isolated basis, whereasRead More

Mental health at Christmas

One-third of people with mental health issues say they feel unable to cope with the Christmas period according to charity Mind. Our mental wellbeing can take a hit over the festive period for a number of reasons and feelings of loneliness canRead More

How to deal with stress at Christmas

As the calendar flips to December 1st, Christmas preparations move into full swing. But whilst the festive period is typically a merry one for most, for others it can be incredibly stressful. In fact, one in 20 say they find Christmas moreRead More

Why do people get addicted to alcohol?

It’s estimated that one in 12 Americans suffers from alcohol dependence or abuse, whilst in the UK around 7,000 annual deaths are attributed to alcohol consumption. Alcohol dependence occurs over time and as such as be difficult to spot when an individualRead More

Crack Abuse

Crack is a powerful stimulant that targets the central nervous system. When smoked, this drug enters your bloodstream through the lungs, from there it journeys to your brain and that is when the feel-good chemical known as dopamine is released and givesRead More

Aftercare – Step One Recovery

When an individual is dealing with a drug addiction a rehabilitation programme is of paramount importance however, an aftercare programme is of equal importance. Getting the help you need at a rehabilitation centre will help you to detox and begin to heal,Read More

Health Benefits of a Warm Climate

Living in a warm climate has many health benefits, both physically and mentally. When the sun is out and shining it will give you the energy and motivation to get up and do something physical, whether that is going for a walkRead More

Prescription Medication Addictions

All addictions are different and every addict deals with their addiction in their own way, fortunately most addictions can get be dealt with and the individual can get clean and lead a healthy life completely sober and free of prescription medication. SuccessfulRead More

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