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Recover with Step One At Step One Recovery, we’re highly experienced in helping clients overcome drug addiction. Our recovery centre is based in Spain on Alicante’s beautiful Costa Blanca coastline (not far from Costa Brava and Costa del Sol). This stunning MediterraneanRead More

Alcoholics in Today’s Society

Many of us in today’s society use and abuse alcohol without fully understanding what we are doing, a dependency to alcohol can happen almost without the individual knowing and it can get out of hand at a very fast pace. The factRead More

Luxury Rehab at Step One Recovery

A luxury rehab center is not unlike a 5-star resort or luxurious hotel. You will find all of the usual facilities you would expect such as; multiple swimming pools, state of the art indoor gym, subtropical gardens, private luxurious suites, home cinema,Read More

How does cocaine affect the brain?

Overindulging in cocaine will begin a sort of chemical chain reaction in your brain where you no longer feel rewarded or good about the things you do, there will be a block on most natural positive reinforcers. Almost simultaneously, the parts ofRead More

Step One Recovery in Spain

Our beautiful recovery centre is based in Javea on the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain. This idyllic Alicante retreat (not far from Costa Brava and Costa del Sol) is a wonderful place to begin your recovery journey. There are no rules orRead More

Recovery in Rehab

Recovery in rehab is all about moving on beyond your addiction to a life where you can cope without alcohol. This can take time as you will be trying to resolve the underlying issues to why you drink in the addictive wayRead More

The Dangers of Alcohol

There are many dangers of alcohol that can happen when people drink too much. These dangers can and do affect all aspects of people’s lives including; Their health and safety Their ability to work Their job performance Their social and family lifeRead More

How long does rehab take?

If you (or a loved one) are thinking about going into rehab, you may have some concerns over how long the rehab process will take. It’s certainly a difficult question to answer as it varies a great deal from one person toRead More

Overcome gambling addiction

Considering going into rehab can be a critical turning point if you’re living with gambling addiction. At Step One Recovery, we believe in approaching gambling addiction in a holistic way with empathy and respect. Our one-to-one treatment programmes can support you inRead More

Gambling Addiction

People with drug and alcohol addictions often show physical symptoms. But a gambling addiction can be easier to deny and more difficult to spot as it’s almost a hidden condition. However, there are symptoms that indicate addiction – some of which areRead More

The signs and symptoms of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction affects people from all walks of life. It’s a relatively common phenomenon for professional executives based in London and other major cities. The pressures of work coupled with easy access to luxury casinos make for a dangerous combination. And ofRead More

Understanding an Addict

The first thing you have to understand about an addict is that the individual in question is sick. An addiction is an illness of the mind and one that is all consuming, 24 hours a day they will be thinking about oneRead More

Marijuana & The Problems That Follow

It has long been debated that marijuana has short and long term negative effects on the brain, many people believe that overindulging in this Class C drug causes on to have memory loss and can even trigger psychotic episodes. What are theRead More

Step One Recovery – Addictions

At the beginning your “recreational” habit may seem harmless, however, over time you will feel the need to take a little bit more to obtain the same effects as when you began. This is how many addictions begin, before you know itRead More

Luxury Rehab in Spain

A luxury rehab facility is a place of calm and understanding, and at Step One Recovery we want each and every one of our patients to feel relaxed and at home. Whether you are taking a dip in one of our poolsRead More

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